Kanye West has been tweeting A LOT lately expressing his thoughts and revealing information that many weren’t privy to.  Some people think he’s trolling to drum up publicity but others are wondering if he’s seriously in trouble and needs help.  One of Ye’s tweets revealed that’s he’s $53 million in debt and he’s been lobbying for other rich people to help him reach his goals including Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.  There’s someone else offering to help and it’s Deion Sanders.

Sanders called in to the “TMZ Sports” show and explained why he thinks Kanye’s social media behavior may be a sign that something is seriously wrong.

Sanders says he loves Kanye and thinks he’s brilliant but doesn’t want to see him follow the same path as his old friend MC Hammer who famously went broke after making a fortune in music.

Sidenote: It’s nice that Sanders wants to “help” but he had to call into TMZ to make that known? Side eye…

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