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I already had to do a story on my Knicks dropping to a 3-10 record & now I see this. SMH. I HATE to share this story, but it’s my job. *shrugs*
I’m not sure who’s decision it was to celebrate this, but they did. The New York Knicks Facebook page celebrated Amar’e Stoudemire’s recent 12-point night.  C’mon, there had to be something else they could have posted up?!  No?!  This is really what it’s come to?! *sigh*  Check it out…



Via YahooSports:

…losing to Washington by nine points to fall to 3-9. Stoudemire, though, made all five of his shots from the field on his way to season-high 12 points, and don’t think the Knicks weren’t ready to pounce on that silver lining.