Donald Trump’s Staffer Fired Over History Of Racial Facebook Posts


If you think the things you post on social media can’t come back to bite you, think again. Recently one of Donald Trump’s staffers was fired from his position because of the content of his Facebook dating back to 2007. Sam Nunberg’s page was filled with numerous racist posts.

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Mark Zuckerberg Donates $5 Million To Undocumented Students Scholarship


Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg along with his wife Priscilla have donated 5 million dollars toward scholarships for undocumented students in the Bay Area. Zuckerberg announced via Facebook that he would be donating through TheDream.US, founded by former Facebook board member Donald Graham. The scholarship will benefit students in the Bay Area. Read more after the jump.

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Fight Organized On Facebook Leaves Two Stabbed And Six With Chemical Burns


From Facebook to the streets, things took a turn for the worst when a facebook post between 2 groups of females led them to meet up and start a brawl among themselves.

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(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says He Wants Will Smith to Play Him in a Movie & More in Q&A


New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony stopped by the Facebook office in New York City to do a rapid-fire Q&A session, answering as many questions as possible in 60 seconds.

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Hopsin Gave Out His Number On Facebook…And His Bill Ended Up At $6,000


Earlier this week, Hopsin opted to share his number with his lovely Facebook family via a status update, but quickly decided that wasn’t garnering enough attention. He then made a video to further drive his point home, answering calls and texts on camera so as to show that he was most certainly for real.

“Text me! people still think its not me answering,” he wrote with the video. “Add yourself to my phonebook once you get a text back. Ill be calling people that are in my phonebook.1 818 946 0244″

Two days, 2.5 million video views, 60k likes and 365,869 text messages later, Hopsin is now at a staggering $6,000 balance on his cell phone bill. He’s also at a new number, now unavailable on the internet. Great job.

Check out the bill in the gallery!

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(Photo) Subway Fires Employee Over Facebook Post Celebrating Police Death


Looks like subway does not tolerate violence or racism from anyone!

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Tech Talk: Oculus Rift Release Scheduled For First Quarter 2016


If you’ve followed the Oculus Rift story like TatWza, you’ve probably been disappointed several times by broken promises for release dates. The hype around this virtual reality device has been building since 2013, when it was honored as one of the top inventions of the year. Since then, Facebook put up $2 Billion and purchased Oculus Rift and the company is confident that it will be released in the first quarter of 2016.

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No Rules?! Facebook Ranked #1 Company To Work For In America


Business Insider revealed its 2015 list of best places to work in the US. Surprisingly, Google was beat out by Facebook for the number one spot. Facebook, being the largest social network, with over a billion registered users and 10,000 employes, has totally changed the way we socialize and get our news. As we uncover technological advances, we continue to see Facebook innovate to offer services complimenting these advances. It’s no secret that Facebook has had a huge impact on society, and TatWza predicts it will continue to have an impact; but let’s take a look at what the growing company offers it’s employees.

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(Photo) Atlanta Area Mother Arrested For Threatening Police On Facebook


Atlanta-area mother has been taking into custody for threatening the lives of all white police officers.

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(Video) Texas Woman Fired From Job Because Of Facebook


Facebook is a place to vent, network and share memories. But it is also a place that could cost you, your job!

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