(Video) Penn State Fraternity Suspended Over Facebook Pics of Nude and Unconscious Women

Penn State Frat Suspended Over Facebook Nudes

The magnifying glass is really coming down on bad behavior at colleges and universities. The latest: Penn State Fraternity Suspended Over Facebook Pics of Nude and Unconscious Women inside a private page called “2.0” for current and former students. And it goes deeper than just the pictures…

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(Video) Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Video To Facebook


Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Videos To Facebook. Stop me if you’ve heard this before (my boss actually did stop me before writing this article to make sure we haven’t posted this one before) but a couple teens rob someone and then post it online to flaunt, only to get arrested and jailed days later.

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(Video) Arrests and Controversy from Buddha Wearing Headphones Image Posted on Facebook

Uproar from Buddha In Headphones on Facebook

Arrests and Controversy from Buddha Wearing Headphones Image Posted on Facebook has left the country of Myanmar feeling *highly* disrespected, after a Western bar manager from New Zealand tried to promote his new bar with a psychedelic image.

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(Video) Man Burns Down Woman’s House After She Rejected Him On Facebook!

_ (Video) Man Burns Down Woman's House After She Rejected Him On Facebook!

A man set a woman’s house on fire after she rejected him on Facebook. Read more on the crazy story after the jump!

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(Photo) Fans Heated Over Lil B Blocked By Facebook For Latest Rant

IFWT_lilb F

Fans Heated Over Lil B Blocked By Facebook For Latest Rant for what they’re identifying as racial slurs and “hate Speech” according to the Facebook post policies. In his run-off about old world politics Lil B who’s known all over social media for speaking his mind in passionate and always unrelenting terms hit a wall with the billion dollar corporation. They also reportedly are trying to go after his Instagram account since IG is part of the Facebook franchise. As Lil B naturally took to his other media platforms to voice his war cries and let the world know what was happening, the fans have NOT taken this lightly. Under the rally of #ProtectLilB, check out how far some fans are going in on this.

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Wow, Guess Which Former XXL Freshman Says He’s Quitting Rap!

Hopsin and his girlfriend

After being named as one of the XXL Freshman in 2012 alongside Danny Brown, Machine Gun Kelly, Macklemore, French Montana, Future, Kid Ink, Don Trip, Iggy Azalea and Roscoe Dash, L.A.-based rapper Hopsin went on to have a moderately successful career. It was much more on an underground level, but he consistently toured and put out solid projects, just not on such a mainstream level like some of his classmates. (Save for Don Trip and kind of Roscoe Dash…this may be the most successful class yet!)

Unfortunately, the cutthroat rap game may have proved to be too much for Hopsin, and he took to his Facebook account last night to announce his indefinite retirement.

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(Photos) ‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Lark Voorhies Worries Fans After Posting Zombie-Looking Picture


Lark Voorhies who starred as Lisa Turtle in the old school hit-show Saved By The Bell has been worrying her friends, family members and fans. Voorhies posted a very cryptic and disturbing photo onto her personal Facebook page looking worn out, tired and sick with bags under her eyes and her face just looking unhealthy overall. People began commenting saying “are you okay?” and “call me immediately.” Rumors came out recently that the former TV star was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder but Voorhies quickly shut those allegations down saying they are false. Do you think Voorhies is possibly on drugs? Or just a lack of sleep with some extra added stress? Take a look at the before and after pics in the gallery and let us know what you think could be wrong with her.

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(Photos) Tyler The Creator Gives His Rules For Turning Your Life Around. It’s A Must Read!


Tyler The Creator is a dude that says whatever’s on his mind. In a 700-word inspirational essay on his Facebook, the Odd Future member wrote to fans on Tuesday (December 3) about believing in himself/yourself, calls out social media, not worrying about others, and he hopes his fans and everyone else can free themselves from the confines of others’ judgements and do the same.

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(Video) Couple Arrested In India For PDA!!

IFWT_Kissing protest (4)

The “Kiss Of Love” event kicked off in Kerala India. When a young couple was televised kissing in a cafe they were soon after detained. The act of passion was deemed unholy and breached obsinity laws.

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Sports: See Which Star Athlete Is The First To Reach 100 Million Facebook Likes


The sport that contains a piece of every part of the world, yes it is soccer peeps! If you know futbol, you can’t help but know Portugal’s very own, Cristiano Ronaldo. With 100 million likes and counting, apparently, a lot of other people know him as well. Hit the jump for more details and pics of Ronaldo !

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