(Video) Couple Arrested In India For PDA!!

IFWT_Kissing protest (4)

The “Kiss Of Love” event kicked off in Kerala India. When a young couple was televised kissing in a cafe they were soon after detained. The act of passion was deemed unholy and breached obsinity laws.

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Sports: See Which Star Athlete Is The First To Reach 100 Million Facebook Likes


The sport that contains a piece of every part of the world, yes it is soccer peeps! If you know futbol, you can’t help but know Portugal’s very own, Cristiano Ronaldo. With 100 million likes and counting, apparently, a lot of other people know him as well. Hit the jump for more details and pics of Ronaldo !

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(Video) Mom Uses Facebook To Shame Daughter; It Goes Viral!


A Mom doing what any and every Mom should do, paying attention and giving a f*** about her child, stopping her daughter from skipping school, and using the best way she knows how to make an impact, FB, and an impact it made as it went so viral it hit the national news!

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In A League Of Her Own: Harvard Is Releasing A Case Study On Beyoncé’s Surprise Album

"On The Run Tour: Beyonce And Jay-Z" - Chicago

We can all recall where we were when Beyoncé dropped her self-titled album last year. No promo, no notice, nothing!

We were all shocked – it takes a lot to #1 hide all that from the world and #2 make such a ballsy move like that when releasing an album.

Harvard also took notice! See what they plan to do after the jump…

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Grandma’s Accidentally Tagging Themselves As WHAT On Facebook?!


Apparently Grandmas and Grandpas around the world get a dose of Hip Hop every time someone tries to tag them on Facebook as “grandma” or “grandpa” The auto-correction tool which is supposed to help you complete your thoughts types in “Grandmaster Flash” once “grandm” is written. Check out the gallery to see the examples of the hilarious phenomenon. Hit the jump to see what the Hip Hop veteran had to say about it as well.

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Contest: Win A iPhone 6 x iPhone 6 Plus x Galaxy Note 4

IFWT_iPhone 6- 6 Plus - Note 4 Contest F

We’re going to make this easy, All you have to do to become a digital Ninja is Like the PlanetKixx Page, Funk Flex Fan page, and follow @PlanetKixx on Twitter, you got a shot!!!

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(Photos) Protests FOR Mike Brown’s Shooter, Officer’s Pics Released & More


The destruction in Ferguson, MO continues. Over the weekend, it was announced that the city would enforce a curfew for its residents. As these ordinances and other things come into effect, supporters of Mike Brown make statements, rally and voice their opinions on the matter, but it wouldn’t be called controversy without rebuttal opinions. The shooter aka Darren Wilson had a support team of 100+ people protesting in St. Louis outside of the KSDK NewsChannel 5 studios and they want to be heard.

Find out more down bottom.

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Heartbroken: Ben Affleck Sharing A Touching Message With Fans About Robin Williams

Ben Affleck Reflects On Robin Williams

Celebrities all over have been reacting to the death of Actor and Comedian Robin Williams. He was a friend to many but most importantly a family man and an inspiration to many actors. Ben Affleck, who worked with Williams, had a few touching words to say about the late Actor.

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(Photo) Will IG’s New App ‘Bolt’ Be Able To Take On Snapchat?!


This was the app that leaked not too long ago, but nothing was really mentioned other than it was ‘one touch photo messaging’, which lead to many guessing it was for competition to Snapchap, but now that IG has put it out in 3 distant countries, we know just a little bit more about it.

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(Video) ALERT: Let’s Stop Kids From Doing This Dangerous Game ‘Pass Out Challenge’


This Non-sense seems to be all the rage on FB, kids are doing this at serious risk to their health! By bending over taking shallow breath’s to slow the heart down, then quickly leaning up, holding there breath, proceeding to let someone push in on their chest up against the heart to try and make it stop so they pass out….seizures, potential for a heart attack, even stroke with the loss of oxygen to the brain….ridiculous!

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