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Hello Rapper World…. So you’re an talented independent artist that Freestyles and wants a shot at spitting next to Flex as well as one of the other opportunities like possible Stage performance, or getting studio time to meeting with label execs… and much more to come… No Worries, we have you covered below!

Mother Of Teen Who Committed Suicide On Facebook Live Reportedly Watched And Cheered Her On

This is super sad. A young girl committed suicide on Facebook live. You wold think as a parent a mother would be traumatized and do anything in their power to talk their child out of it. Naika Venant committed suicide while in foster care.

Actor Commits Suicide Via Facebook Live After Sex Crime Arrest

33-year-old Frederick Jay Bowdy had moved from Texas to California to become an actor. The LAPD was drawn to his Facebook Live after suicide talk. For a while, people thought the stream was a joke due to Bowdy being an actor. He proceeded to kill himself before police could even get to him.

(Photo) Vape Explodes In Mans Face Leaving Him With 7 Missing Teeth

Andrew Hall got into a terrible accident as his vape pen blew up right in his face without warning. Not only did Hall lose teeth, he suffered from a burn on his cheek.

12-Year-Old Girl Streams Her Own Suicide Live On Facebook

So sad, 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis from Cedartown, Georgia, went on Facebook live to say that one of her relatives was sexually abusing her. While speaking on the abuse, she then went and hung herself live on camera. In the video, a woman can be heard calling out the young girls name.

Azealia Banks Has Been Banned From Facebook

AzealiaBanksVEVO Well, that took longer than expected.

(Video) Thousands Of People Watch A Woman Die On Facebook Live In Front Of Her Son

Keiana Herndon was on Facebook live when she suddenly collapsed and died while streaming. Herndon was in El Dorado with her 1-year-old son when she “fell off screen and struggled to breathe.” Her father recently spoke on the death of his daughter.

(Video) Man Steals A Cop Car And Streams It Live On Facebook

25-year-old John Pinney had not a care in the world on Halloween as he stole a cop car and took it for a nice ride. Not only did he steal the car, he streamed the encounter live on Facebook. Pinney stole the car as the police who were in it stopped to get coffee, leaving the keys in the ignition.

(Photo) Twitter Goes In On Jazmine Sullivan For A Facebook Post She Made About Thomas ‘TC’ Clay Who Recently Passed

Jazmine Sullivan is now feeling the wrath from Twitter users all over after she made a post about Thomas ‘TC’ Clay, a gospel singer who recently just passed away. Sullivan took to Facebook to share a story about how TC had a crush on her. She more so made it about her than about TC, which is the reason everyone is now coming for her.

(Video) Two People Passed Out Completely On Facebook Live

This is crazy. In a video, we see two people completely passed out on Facebook Live. Pretty obvious that these two were probably on some type of drug but it’s truly a sad sight. We can see people standing around the passes out duo with there phones out.

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