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(Photo) Will IG’s New App ‘Bolt’ Be Able To Take On Snapchat?!


This was the app that leaked not too long ago, but nothing was really mentioned other than it was ‘one touch photo messaging’, which lead to many guessing it was for competition to Snapchap, but now that IG has put it out in 3 distant countries, we know just a little bit more about it.

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(Video) ALERT: Let’s Stop Kids From Doing This Dangerous Game ‘Pass Out Challenge’


This Non-sense seems to be all the rage on FB, kids are doing this at serious risk to their health! By bending over taking shallow breath’s to slow the heart down, then quickly leaning up, holding there breath, proceeding to let someone push in on their chest up against the heart to try and make it stop so they pass out….seizures, potential for a heart attack, even stroke with the loss of oxygen to the brain….ridiculous!

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NWA Biopic Casting Company Issues An Apology For WHAT?


After issuing a controversial casting call last week that came off slightly racist and misogynistic, the casting company for the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” has issued an apology. Find out the whole story after the jump!

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(Photo) Queens Women Kills Her Baby & Puts Him On Facebook?


22 year old Queens woman, Nicole Kelly, took her stresses of single parenting out on her poor and defenseless 11-month old child by suffocating him with a blanket late Sunday night, but that is not where the twisted story ends. Instead of calling 911 the young woman says she ”cleaned out all of his stuff from the apartment and dressed him in a suit,” and then proceed to post a picture of him on Facebook. The caption on the Facebook photo read “RIP Tinkabutt.” Apparently Kelly had had it and was ”done being [Felix's] only caretaker.” Kelly is now being held with no bail after her psychiatric evaluation. Look at the saddening pictures in the gallery.

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(Photos) Shark Tank Judge Live Blogs A Date With An Ex!

People often times hit social media for quick advice; even the multi-millionaires! Daymond John, the super successful entrepreneur hit his Facebook page to discuss his current situation, which was going out on a date with an ex. He asked his Facebook fans and followers what his next move should be when he sensed his ex was becoming raunchy! HaHa check out just exactly what went down on that date!

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(PHOTO) NBA: LeBron Takes To Facebook After News Breaks That He’s Becoming A Free Agent & Posts About …

IFWT_JM shirt

This guy!  Yesterday LeBron James’ agent informed the Heat that he will exercise his early termination option & become an unrestricted free agent.  Of course fans wanted to hear from LeBron himself, but he has stayed very quiet on Twitter & Instagram — BUT he did make a post on Facebook … about Johnny Manziel.  Really?!  Geezzzz-us.
Check it out…

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(18+ Photos) Warning: Popeyes Employees Caught Having Sex On FB!!!


IS A SCAM!!! I swear I come across these(Chris Brown x Rihanna Sextape) because I’m freaking thirsty!! Regardless, I dive into the dirt to expose just what’s good and what’s not!!

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(Video) Logging Into FB While Burglarizing Makes You The ‘World’s Dumbest Thief’!!

IFWT_in jail thanks facebook

This guy is like a super genius, IF he was really looking to get locked up with an NO defense!! A 26 year old Minnesota man, Nicholas Wig, broke into a home on June 19th, and while there decided he had the run of the house, logged into his Facebook page, and forgot to log out when he left!!

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(Photos) Check Out The Hottest Mug Shot That’s Going Viral!


Ladies really love a bad boy, and he certainly looks like a smooth criminal. Jeremy Meeks mugshot went viral after the Stockton Police Department posted it on their Facebook page. The mug shot has attracted more than 24,000 likes, 6,000 comments, and it’s own Facebook fan page!

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(Photo) Huh?! Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Bikini Body, Looking Like Justin Bieber?!

Miley Cryus Shares Bikini and Bieber Photo

Summer is upon us and all the girls just want to show off their bikini bodies and their swimsuit style. Miley definitely has caught this fever as the songstress recently posted a picture on Facebook of herself in full bikini clad.
Check out the picture after the jump

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