Wow: Woman Faces Jail Time For Tagging Ex In-Law On Facebook


Potty mouth. This is just childish and a waste of time and money, but a woman is facing up to year in jail because of tagging an ex in-law of hers on Facebook and making a sly comment. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Woman Allegedly Stabs Ex-Boyfriend To Death And Confesses On Facebook

IFWT_Nakasia James

18-year-old Nakasia James is currently wanted by the police after she confessed to killing her ex-boyfriend on Facebook, yikes!

Read more after the jump.

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(Video) Teens Investigated After Facebook Post Shows What Looks Like Molestation Of An Unconscious Girl


Kansas City officials are investigating what appears to be a molestation of an unconscious girl after Facebook post was shared. The video showed one teen taking complete advantage of an intoxicated young woman while the other recorded. Reports indicate that the teens met at a pool hall on Saturday and then went to a hotel where the young girl was videotaped with no clothes on from the waist down. Residents are outraged and are calling for the arrests of the teens.

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(Photo) Ed Sheeran Is Taking A Break From Social Media


After blessing our hearts and souls with songs like ‘Thinking out loud’ and Phototograph‘ the artist Ed Sheeran has just announced that he will be taking a break from social media. Read more after the jump to find out why!

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Sinead O’Conner Writes Suicidal Message On Facebook That Says She Overdosed


Singer Sinead O’Conner has been hospitalized after she posted a cryptic message onto her Facebook account revealing that she has indeed overdosed.

“I have taken an overdose,” the Irish artist write on her FB status, insinuating signs of suicidal thoughts. “There is no other way to get respect. If I wasn’t posting this, my kids and family wouldn’t even find out. I’m such a rotten horrible mother and Person, that I’ve been alone. Howling crying for weeks. I’m invisible. I don’t matter a shred to anyone.”

Shortly after her status gained attention, she was given the proper treatment to help her get through her depression. She is said to be “safe and sound” from sources.

How scary!

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Raven-Symone Attempts An Apology For Her ‘Ghetto Names’ Comment


I wonder if Raven-Symone ever gets tired of putting her foot in her mouth….

In the most recent Raven-Symone drama, The View co-host revealed that she would never hire someone with a “ghetto name.” Her comment included the statement, “I’m not going to hire you if your name is Watermelon-Andrea.”

After being dragged on Twitter relentlessly all weekend and even her own father chiming in to say she says “some dumb shit” Raven has now issued a clarification of her statement a.k.a a half-assed apology…

Check out what she had to say below.

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(Video) Mother Shades Her Son With A Hilarious Video


Most students know the agony that comes with forgetting to communicate with their parents, especially their mothers. Well, one mother shades her son with a hilarious video. Ann Pinto McCarney was fed up one afternoon and decided to let her son know that it was time for change. Check out the hilarious video below.

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Facebook Officially Announced The Dislike Button



Mark Zuckerberg revealed the Facebook dislike button. CNBC reported the news from Facebook’s recent company town hall Q&A session. Everyone has a friend who “Likes” every single post. When posts are less than happy it can feel weird when people Like them, especially for topics like natural disasters or death of family members.

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NFL: Tom Brady Breaks His Silence, Makes First Statement Since Having Suspension Overturned!


Yesterday as you know, a judge overturned Tom Brady’s four game suspension for his alleged role in “Deflate Gate”. While it’s not completely over due to further appeals, nonetheless it’s still a victory for the 4-time Super Bowl champ. He spoke for the first time since the ruling via a post on his Facebook page.

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Donald Trump’s Staffer Fired Over History Of Racial Facebook Posts


If you think the things you post on social media can’t come back to bite you, think again. Recently one of Donald Trump’s staffers was fired from his position because of the content of his Facebook dating back to 2007. Sam Nunberg’s page was filled with numerous racist posts.

Hit the jump for more details.

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