Once again Lakers forward Pau Gasol and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni aren’t getting along.  The two have stepped it up a notch publicly criticizing each other.  While Gasol’s production continues to tumble and the Lakers facing rebuilding mode, it’s no secret they’re considering trading him.

Shay Marie

Pau Gasol does not like how he’s being used by head coach Mike D’Antoni and even though he has stated several times he prefers to finish out his career with the Lakers, that probably won’t happen. In fact, the Lakers could start shopping the center/forward.

From Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein: “The Lakers have yet to engage in any Gasol-related trade discussions with other teams, sources told ESPN.com. But Gasol’s recent comments about his frustrations with his role in the Lakers’ offense, his impending free agency, and his struggles offensively and particularly defensively have essentially forced the team to consider its options.”

According to Shelburne and Stein, D’Antoni called all the players together on Friday and told them to come to him if they have issues with their role on the team.

One trade that works is Gasol going to Memphis, to play with his brother, with Zach Randolph coming back to LA, however the Lakers would decline that deal since Randolph will be signed through 2014-15 after he picks up his $16.9 million option. Teams like the Knicks and Bulls could also call, but they likely can not put together a package that would be acceptable to the Lakers.