Jay Z

Chi town’s, MoBo the great may be getting luckier as she gets older, as the 19 year old was not only brought on stage and asked to spit a few bars alongside Jay Z but now has been eyed by the hip hop vet, and may be getting the deal of a lifetime, hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

MoBo a.k.a Monique Burrell has been receiving the luck of her life after expressing to TMZ that Jay Z has showed interest in her musically:

“Monique Burrell tells TMZ after her impromptu performance — which brought the house down — the head of Jay’s security team approached her and asked for her digits. The guy told her Jay personally wanted him to get her number so he could follow up later.”

Although she states that he hasn’t called yet, his co-sgn on stage was a game changer in itself for the young MC.