IFWT_Foster baby mama

SMH. Earlier this week we learned that a woman is suing Arian Foster because he’s allegedly strongarming her to have an abortion and he fired back.  Let’s keep in mind he’s married with 2 kids and she is 17 weeks along.  Well a reporter showed up to his home to ask him questions about the situation and Arian went OFF on him.  I agree with Arian, reporters/paparazzi need to watch their step.  I know they are doing their job, but there’s a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed.  Check it out…



Via TMZ:

An extremely emotional Arian Foster EXPLODED on a reporter in Houston moments ago — telling the guy the legal war with his pregnant baby mama is “tearing me up.”

The reporter, who works for FOX 26 in Houston had gone to Arian’s home to get a comment — standard operating procedure in the news world — and that’s when Arian went off.

The Houston Texans running back stood in his driveway and made it clear, he’s not ready to open up about the situation yet … yelling, “I’ll talk to y’all when I feel it’s right.”