Lil Za arrested

Lil Za got close to Justin Bieber in the last couple of years, a result of his best friend Lil Twist’s relationship with the Biebs. Za and Twist grew up together in Texas, and as Twist signed to YMCMB and began touring and traveling, Za was always his right-hand man. The duo’s relationship with Bieber was controversial almost from the start, as the previously squeaky-clean pop star had always been on his best behavior, and suddenly he was getting photographed with weed, getting pulled over for speeding, having crazy incidents like spitting at his neighbors…the list goes on. Whether this is the influence of Twist and Za or just Justin going through the natural transition of child star controlled by parents and a team of people to becoming his own man remains to be seen, but the public perception remains with the former, and unfortunately, perception is often reality for many. Some incidents point to the former as well, though, as Justin’s longtime manager Scooter Braun was very vocal last summer about his disdain for Za and Twist, and eventually kicked them out of Justin’s house.

Marisa Mendez

Last weekend, Justin and his friends allegedly egged his neighbor’s house, resulting in $20k in damage and potential felony vandalism charges. Cops quickly obtained a search warrant for Justin’s crib, and upon raiding it, found Lil Za with drugs and immediately arrested him and hit him with felony possession. Though at first believed to be cocaine, cops eventually revealed they were mistaken and now have reason to believe it was Molly, as well as Xanax. Just before his release later that night, Za got arrested AGAIN, this time for breaking a cell phone inside the jail. Despite the fact he was clearly in the wrong in all of these situations, he still wants to play the victim, and say it’s due to the fact he’s black. Um…no. It’s because you’re doing ish you’re not supposed to! I swear, people feel so entitled these days – especially random entourage members! Check out his tweets in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!