(Photos) Justin Bieber Makes Shady Prince Comment


Justin Bieber’s behavior is very unpredictable these days. From getting faux locs to walking off of stage at performances, we don’t know what to expect. But he left a bad taste in Prince fans mouths’ when he left a shady comment on Instagram.

(Photos) Justin Bieber Catching Flak Over His Instagram Comment On Andrew Watt’s Prince Tribute


This week we lost one our greatest Prince and it has been devastating for most, having one of our biggest icons (Prince) taken from us at the age of 57.

NBA: Lebron & The Cavs May Cause A Big Problem For Justin Bieber & His Fans


Justin Bieber is set to perform in Cleveland on April 26th at the Quicken Loans arena, as part of his “Purpose” tour. It just so happens that game five of the Cavaliers opening round playoff matchup with the Pistons is scheduled for the same day in that arena. So now it’s Bron vs Bieber for arena supremacy but this is a fight Bieber can’t win.

(Photos) Yay Or Nay? Are You Feeling Justin Bieber’s New Hair Style?


Justin Bieber is rocking a new hair style and we want to know if you are feeling it. Check out the gallery after the jump.

Kanye West Is Working With Justin Bieber’s Manager – But He’s Not “Officially” Managing Him


Kanye West has been very vocal about his love for Justin Bieber in recent months, so there are two plausible scenarios here: Ye has just happened to get tight with the Biebs, and realized how beneficial his manager, Scooter Braun, is… or Ye‘s gotten tight with Scooter, and realized how dope the Biebs is. Either way, he’s now working with Scooter. TMZ reports that he has signed on to help oversee Kanye‘s music and fashion empires as a consultant, with his main task being to oversee Ye‘s staff. They note it’s not an official management situation, but as stated, simply consultation. Let’s see what kind of magic these two make together!

Justin Bieber Cancels A Future Meet-And-Greets During ‘Purpose’ World Tour


On March 9th, Justin Bieber kicked off his 114-show ‘Purpose’ World tour. Just two weeks later, the ‘Sorry’ crooner shared some disappointing news with his “Beliebers.” Tuesday evening (March 22), Justin Bieber released a statement via Instagram canceling all meet-and-greets for the duration of his ‘Purpose’ World Tour. Bieber apologized to fans revealing the pressure surrounding meeting all his fans expectations is just too much. Paired with a photo of himself with an adoring fan, Bieber wrote,

“Love u guys, I’m going to be canceling my meet and greets. I enjoy meeting such incredible people but I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people’s spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy.”

Read more below.

(Video) Kanye Was REALLY Feeling The Justin Bieber Concert He Attended Last Night


“What do you mean by @JustinBieber was my favorite song of 2015,” Kanye West tweeted last week. Clearly, he told no lies. Last night, Ye and wife Kim Kardashian attended the Biebs’ Purpose tour stop in Los Angeles, and Kimmy caught a priceless moment of her husband rocking the f OUT to the song on her Snapchat. Check out the hilarious video below.

Kanye West’s Favorite Song of 2015 Was By Justin Bieber


Unexpected? Ehhh…not really. Justin has been uniting music lovers from all genres with latest album ‘Purpose‘, including Kanye West. Hit the jump for the reveal.

Justin Bieber Busted For Skipping Out On His Bar Tab


Just a few nights before kicking off his ‘Purpose’ Tour, Justin Bieber went to a local Seattle Bar with his entourage. According to reports, Bieber and seven friends showed up to the The Whisky Bar and ordered a round of shots. Sources report they ordered GlenDronach, which is a 12-year-old single malt scotch, going for $15 per shot. At some point in the evening, before paying the bill, the group when outside to have a smoke and while ended up in a heated exchange with a fan that almost turned violent. The story goes, female fan wanted a photo but was turned down by one of Bieber’s dancers. Her boyfriend got angry and started yelling and making a scene, so Justin and his group decided to leave. Apparently, one of JB’s bodyguard’s were supposed to handle the check but it never got paid in the midst of the chaos, leaving the bar high and dry for $130. TMZ reports, the tab was settled and everything was paid for several days later.

(Photo) Post Malone Will Open Up For Justin Bieber On His Purpose Tour


While on the the North American leg of his Purpose World Tour, Post Malone and Moxie Raia will be Justin Bieber’s openers. The tour will begin in two days starting at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington and will go on for 64 dates across the U.S. and Canada. Thats exciting !

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