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(Photos) Selena Gomez’s Cheeks Peek Out of Her Short-Shorts


Is she telling someone or someone’s to kiss her you-know-what? Selena Gomez was photographed rocking super short denim shorts while heading to a meeting in L.A. on Thursday.

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(Photos) Justin Bieber Wins ‘Champ Of Charity Award’ At Young Hollywood Awards


It would seem that Justin Bieber is not all douche! While he’s hit news plenty of times for his bad-boy behavior, JB is also known for generously donating to a worthy cause. During the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards, Justin won the Champ of Charity Award for his 200+ wish granting ways in the Make-A-Wish foundation. While we’re sure it was an honor to receive the trophy, JB decided to invite 10-year-old, Grace Kesablak – who is battling cancer – on stage for her to accept the award. After giving Grace a hug and a kiss to the cheek, JB carried the young lady off of the stage. Aww…

Check out the gallery for more of Justin Bieber’s sweet side.

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Lesbianhonest: Justin Bieber Is Jealous Of Selena Gomez’s Relationship With WHICH Gal Pal?

IFWT_JB+Selena Drama 2

In the exciting land of rich and famous 21 old kids with by far too much money at their disposal, it looks like Justin Bieber has not quite gotten over his ex love Selena Gomez. Although the Biebs has been parading numerous jawns across his IG, it appears that Selena Gomez’s newfound friendship with a popular bisexual model has him feeling some type of way. Pause. Get details inside.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Kevin Durant Kicks It With Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber continues to make his rounds with athletes.  He had brunch with Kevin Durant yesterday and shared a pic on Instagram.  I wonder what kind of conversation they had while they ate?!  And who do you think paid?!  Oh to be a fly on the wall.
Check out the pic…

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(Video) Justin Bieber’s Weekend House Party Filled With, “Bimbos?”


Justin Bieber’s house party was turnt to the max – the max being females and police figures on the scene. Over the weekend, JB turned his roof deck into a nightclub scene with half naked ladies, drinks, and possibly drugs a neighbor says. It’s be claimed that they saw chicks or… “bimbos lining up to do drugs in the lobby bathroom.” The police had to be called on six different occasions and it was caught on camera. Well!

Check out the jump for more.

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Citizens In Justin Bieber’s Complex Are OUTRAGED & Want Him Arrested Immediately


Justin Bieber hasn’t been the quietest of neighbors after moving into his new Beverly Hills condo just a few months ago. According to his neighbors, the cops had to make a total of six times stops to his residence over the weekend. Four of those calls were noise disturbances during the middle of the night. The Biebz is rumored to have had 75 people over on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. The neighbors even claimed that there were loads of hot chicks waiting to do drugs in the bathroom. They’re now pleading with cops to arrest Bieber. What a mess!

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Justin Bieber – Possible Probation Violation So Soon?!


8:30 PM, 12:50 AM, 1:50 AM and 3:00 AM – these are the times that police were called to Justin Bieber’s Beverly Hills condo…this weekend alone. Tsk Tsk JB, tsk tsk.

Hit the jump for the details.

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(Photos) Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo, But Is It A Shot At Bieber?!

selena gomez new tattoo

Recently Selena Gomez got some new ink by her go to tattoo artist, Bang Bang McCurdy. The singer took to Instagram to share her new tattoo on her back. To read more, click below.

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(Photos) Busted! Popular Hollywood Club May Face Fines For Letting Justin Bieber Booze It Up!


Chris Brown and Justin Beiber recently hit the club up together and flicked it up. However, we all seem to forget that the Biebz is only 20 years old. Pics surfaced of what looks like JB drinking a Heiniken at the popular West Hollywood nightclub called Betsy Bellows. Since the venue serves food, they’re allowed to let people under 21 inside although they are not allowed to serve them booze by any means necessary (famous or not.) The California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control got involved and is now currently watching Betsy Bellows extra hard although they’ve never had any issues in the past. However–if they can prove that Biebz was hitting the bottle, a fine will be issued. Check out the pics in the gallery that appear to be Justin and his Heiney bottle.

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(Photos) BFFs Or Nah? Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Flick It Up Together At The Club


Industry heart-throbs Justin Bieber and Chris Browns are not new friends by any means but the two seem to be hanging out a lot recently ever since Breezy was released from prison. The two were caught flicking it up while having the time of their lives together in a West Hollywood nightclub. Check out their special bromance moment over in the gallery!

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