NBA: Blake Griffin Reveals If He Slapped Bieber, Answers If The Carpet Matches The Drapes (LOL) & More!


While some of the questions are awkward, this is a great interview.  You really get a nice insight to Blake Griffin.  I’m not a Clippers fan, but I do really like the guy.  Blake recently sat down with Rolling Stone and talked about those crazy Justin Bieber rumors, what he thinks of weed in the NBA, Kate Upton and he even answers if his carpet matches the drapes. LMAO!  Really?!  That’s hilarious to me.  Check it out…

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Serious Case Of The Munchies: A Blazed Up Justin Bieber Drops HOW MUCH $$ On Mexican Fast Food?!


Well well well, it looks like Justin Bieber was quite possible smokin’ the ganja again after dropping a grand total of $240 on Mexican fast food. On his way to Coachella on Sunday, the Biebz stopped at Pinches Tacos on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California to purchase a Mexican feast fit for a king. The hungry young artist purchased 13 steak tacos, 9 chicken tostadas, 8 chicken tacos, 3 taco plates, 1 steak burrito, 1 chicken burrito, 4 orders of chips and salsa, 10 bottles of water and 9 Mexican sodas. A $55 tip was also left on JB’s credit card after his massive munchie purchase. I don’t know about you, but just reading this gave me a serious sudden urge for some Mexican grub!

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(Photos) Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Spotted Getting Their Cuddle On At Coachella!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

During the Coachella festival in California this past weekend, on-again/off-again love birds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted in the crowd getting super close to one another while Jhene Aiko blessed the stage. Right before the two were pin-pointed, Chance The Rapper brought the Biebz out on stage to perform. It was impossible to miss JB due to his very distinctive outfit choice. Take a look at the pics below!

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(Photos+Video) Chance The Rapper Brings Out Justin Bieber To The Stage At Coachella 2014


Well this is an odd mix we’d never think would be seen together on the same page. Chance The Rapper brought out none other than Justin Bieber during his set at the Coachella festival in Indio, California on Day 2 of the extravaganza. The Biebz came out in bucket hat and a black bandana tied around his neck. The two performed “Confident” together. Check out some of the footage from their performance below!

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(Video) Yikes! WHO Fired Shots At Justin Bieber?!

shots fired at Justin Bieber

Looks like Joe Jonas is not a fan of Justin Bieber! The Disney star opened up in an interview with Scene Magazine and had some choice words for the Canadian singer. To find out what Joe Jonas had to say about Justin Bieber, click below.

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(Photos) Justin Bieber Hits The Studio With Lil Wayne


Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne’s last collaboration was for the hit, “Backpack.” The two were recently spotted leaving the Hit Factory in Miami and the Biebs posted a bonding moment between himself and Lil Tunechi on IG. “Me and Tunechi in the studio,” he says. Could another hit be on the way?! We’re hoping.

Soulja Boy was also caught leaving the same studio with Diamond. He then got a chance to flick it up with the Biebs in front of his fire red Bugatti.

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(Photos) Look At The Wheels: Birdman Gifts Justin Bieber With A New Bugatti

Justin Bieber x Birdman

The Numba One Stunna has stunted on ‘em once again, and has blessed Justin Bieber in a big way! The pair – along with Young Money President Mack Maine and Cash Money singer (/JB clone) Austin Mahone – have been working closely together in the studio as of late, and apparently Birdman felt so close to the Biebs, he decided to gift him with his very own Bugatti. The whip retails at about $1.9 million and is the fastest convertible in the world! I’m sure the cops that tried to bust Justin for “drag racing” before are going to love this one! LOL.

This isn’t the first time Birdman has been this generous. In the past, he’s gifted both Mack Maine and Lil Wayne with cars as well. He must really see something in Justin! Check out the gallery for more pics of JB and his new whip!

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(Photos) YMCMBieber: Birdman Hits The Studio With The Biebs & Austin Mahone

Birdman x Justin Bieber x Austin Mahone

The past couple of nights, Cash Money CEO Birdman has been in the lab with his artist Austin Mahone, along with the person they tend to compare Austin to constantly: Justin Bieber. Whatever they cook up should be pretty interesting! Birdman had his daughter with him as well, which you know was on cloud 9, as it’s any teen’s dream to hang out with the Biebs and Austin! Check out more pics from their sessions this week in the gallery.

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Lucky Man: Justin Bieber On The Verge Of Copping A Plea Deal For DUI Case

shots fired at Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might be the luckiest bad-boy celebrity in the world because he always seems to get out of all the dumb sh*t he gets himself involved in. In the latest troubled Bieber saga, the pop-star is in the process of getting a plea deal for his recent Miami DUI case. According to sources, the prosecutors are being very lenient on the Biebz for his DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license charges. His lawyer is working on a deal that would drop all three charges, allowing JB to plead no contest to reckless driving. It also appears that the judge plans to not persue the random drug tests for Bieber, which will ultimately save his a*s (judging off his recent behavior.) However, he’ll be placed on probation for about one year, from the looks of it. LUCKY DUDE!

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Miley Cyrus Ruins Cancer Patient’s Make A Wish Day?!


Make-A-Wish foundation set up a meeting with Miley Cyrus and a 7-year-old cancer patient named Miley Hodge, who is battling Osteosarcoma. The two were supposedly supposed to meet at a recording studio in LA but the day didn’t go as planned. Find out why below!

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