(Video) NFL: Eric Dickerson Says Justin Bieber Probably Would’ve Turn Out Better if He Got Ass-Whoppins


A lot of black people feel beating your child (not severely) makes them turn out better in the long run.  In fact jokes are often made about how white people let their kids talk to them and behave any way while a black child wouldn’t dare do that.  Justin Bieber would’ve had a lot less problems in life if his mother would’ve given him a few good ass-whoopings over the years, so says NFL legend Eric Dickerson.

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(Video) Going Through It: Justin Bieber Posts Semi-Depressing Video Claiming He’s “Done Pretending”& Apologizes To Fans!


We’re not quite sure what’s been up with young superstar Justin Bieber, but the fame might be starting to get to him (and not in a good way.) At the wee-hours of the night on Wednesday, the Biebz posted a video after shooting for ‘The Ellen Show’ going off saying, “I was afraid of what people are thinking about me right now.” JB always seemed like the “IDGAF” type, but according to him, he’s “done pretending” and just wants the world to know the “REAL” Justin Bieber. Ummmmmm, yeah… about that. Check out the weird video below and let us know what you think the Biebz is going through. Maybe he realized he WASN’T a rapper at last…. ah, joyful.

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Justin Bieber On Photog Lawsuit: “I Hit Him With My Car Because He Was In The Way!”


Justin Bieber is a well-known established wild boy and that is no secret to anyone. Back in 2013, he hit a photographer named Walter Lee with his white Ferrari after leaving a comedy club on Sunset Blvd. The Biebz says Lee purposely stood in the middle of the road, justifying him hitting the photog with his vehicle. JB is also doubting that Lee was even really hurt seriously, despite what the police report says. According to sources, Justin is hoping that the judge will just dismiss the case. Check out the video footage from the incident below incase you missed it.

This man is in court more than the damn judges! SMH.

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NBA: Kyle Lowry Can Thank Justin Bieber For Helping Him Get Votes To Start All-Star Game


Kyle Lowry has made some friends in the right places besides making a name for himself on the court. Last year Lowry was deserving of making the all-star game, but was snubbed instead and watched like the rest of us. This year things have changed and he and the Raptors are ballin’ which had led him to being named starting guard for the east. Very recently he was on the outside looking in as far as the votes go until Justin Bieber stepped up for him.

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(Photos) Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Quincy and More Take In Russell Simmons’ All Def Comedy Live

All Def Comedy Live

Last night, Justin Bieber decided to step out and have some real laughs with his friends at Russell Simmons’ All Def Comedy Live…and he had his rumored boo Kendall Jenner on his side. Diddy’s son Quincy accompanied them as well.

Funny man Tony Rock had the most fun with the crowd last night, even kicking a freestyle to prove he can rap to a very popular battle rapper who was sitting in the audience. Also spotted in VIP was Hollywood Exes cast member Shamika Lawrence, as well as Mayweather’s bae Bad Medina with her lady friends, All Star player Baron Davis, Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members Nia Riley and Sincere Show and more.

Check out a few more pics from the night in the gallery. All Def Comedy Live continues this Wednesday at the Chinese Mann Theatre.

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Celebrity Weed Mogul Milk Tyson Sells His Marijuana Company To Do WHAT Instead?!


Famous Marijuana mogul Milk Tyson is known in the industry for selling pot to some of the biggest celebs including his BFF Justin Bieber (who he has tattooed on his arm), Travis Barker and many more. However, the celeb weed dealer has found a new obsession that does not include the green. Awhile back, Tyson auctioned off a few of Justin Bieber’s spray cans online to raise money for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. Ever since then, he has found a new love in — you guessed it — charity. He recently sold his weed company to launch an 11-city hospital tour which has celebrities record videos for young children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. If you go to Milk’s Instagram page, his entire feed is filled with cancer patiences who he is currently helping.

Tyson’s foundation called Fighting All Monsters While Finding All Meaning is set to raise millions from the help of his famous buds. He already has the support and backing of countless celeb “customers” of his, and I’m sure more will hop on board as they gain word of it. Drug dealer or not, this is such an amazing thing Milk Tyson is doing with his time and money. MAD props to him! Check out some pics of his work over in the gallery.

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Roasting Session On The Way With Justin Bieber In The Hot Seat


Oh, get ready for the hot seat JB. Comedy Central has chosen Justin Bieber to join Joan Rivers [R.I.P.], Donald Trump and others for a nice roast. The thing is, he asked for it. Not dumb actions ‘asked for it’, but he litteraly asked the network if he could be bombed on. “Justin has been asking us for years to roast him,” the Comedy Central told Ryan Seacrest. “So we kept telling him to create some more material and we’re thrilled he listened.” Hmm, interesting.

Hit the jump for more.

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(Photo) Is Selena Gomez Dating Chief Keef ?


Has Selena Gomez moved on

Selena Gomez Dating Chief Keef
from Bieber with Chief Keef? it looks like Selena loves Sosa…CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS AND PHOTOS OF THE TWO

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(Video) DJ Mustard Reveals How His “IDFWU” Record Went From Justin Bieber To Big Sean

DJ Mustard

WELP, this is interesting! DJ Mustard sat down with MTV and reveals that his “IDFWU” record was originally meant for Justin Bieber before it got to Big Sean. Mustard explains how Bieber’s camp was taking forever to respond back to him about the beat, so he gave it to Sean since the two of them have a close relationship.

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(Video) Justin Bieber Hits the Studio with…Rick Rubin???

Rick Rubin--Justin Bieber Collab?

No stranger to Hip Hop centered collaborations, international pop mega-star Justin Bieber Hits the Studio with…Rick Rubin???

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