Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly seems to have gotten himself in a little trouble, after making a certain mugshot very popular and profitable, hit the jump for more.

Adriela Batista

Dario Calmese, a photographer, who shot a very tasteful mugshot of Machine Gun Kelly is looking for compensation after his photo was allegedly duplicated without permission and knock off tee shirts began surfacing. The photo had been featured in a limited edition t-shirt line for Black Apple, approved by Calmese and MGK manager, yet the photographer is alleging that MGK’s manager brought the shirt to other online distributors such as Spencers Online and Live Nation Worldwide.

Dario wants everyone (except Black Apple) to STOP producing the mug shot tees stat. He’s suing Live Nation, Spencer’s, Byron Kirkland and more,” states TMZ.

**check out the photo on the alley above**