Chris Brown almost went to jail today! L.A. prosecutors seriously want Brown to make his way over to jail. They even asked a judge to send him straight to jail. Chris appeared for a hearing on the D.C. assault case, where he was accused of beating up a man last October. The hearing was held by the judge in the Rihanna beating case, who will decide if Chris went against his probation by allegedly committing the assault. Prosecutors wanted the judge to throw Chris in jail right away and set a probation violation hearing. Prosecutors claim “Brown’s violent behavior continues to increase in severity and frequency” and he poses “an increasing danger to society.” The D.A. says they have now reviewed the D.C. case, interviewing witnesses and examining evidence… and they say there is probably cause to believe Chris is guilty as charged.

The judge, however, ruled Chris was better off completing his 90-day rehab for anger management than being thrown in jail, so he shut down prosecutors.

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