As if we don’t have enough reality t.v. shows on already; a new one entitled “Single Mother’s of Miami” is set to hit your television sets this Spring! However, this one may set the bar high, for future reality shows! Find out what makes this one different…

Jayyiah Coles

Single Mother’s Miami is an upcoming reality show focusing on the lives of 5 women living in a metropolitan city raising their children. Being a single mother is hard, unfortunately it is the epidemic that plagues our community at a rapid rate. Watch as these six women, balance being both mother and father to their children all while pursuing their dreams, maintaining their careers, exploring new love, expanding friendships and strengthening family.

This show is going to change the dynamics of reality television. Aren’t we all tired of seeing women tearing each other down, throwing glasses and bottles, neck popping and twerking? I have long ago stopped Watching Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club and even Love and Hip Hop. It’s like a train wreck we can’t peel our eyes away from. I’m looking forward to positive influences on the TV screen, with realistic issues average daily women face while trying to raise their children.

Television plays an important role in the way people perceive reality. Will people take to this positivity or are they too infatuated with ratchet-ness? Only time can tell that answer, the show is set to air this Spring, the network that will be airing it is yet to be announced.