Kevin Hart has done it again! His second movie of the year ‘About Last Night’ hit theaters today, and I must say it was hilarious! drops 5 out of 5 possible bombs on this movie! Check out why!

Jayyiah Coles

Kevin Hart was at his best in his role as a confident guy named Bernie. He is naturally funny, tough and sexy while his character was complimented by that of Regina Hall’s who played a wild, horny, and hilarious woman named Joan. The pair had an undeniable chemistry, that made watching it yearn for a bond as wild, cute, and eccentric as theirs. Joy Bryant who played Debbie, satisfied all in playing the “good, boring girl”, while Micheal Ealy excited viewers with his sexy self playing her love interest, a guy named Danny, who was fresh off of a tough breakup, but ready to dive head first back into the game! Now, I won’t spoil it for you, but just know the movie was beginning to end hilarious and it is worth going to see!

Kevin Hart is trying to make history by having two #1 Movies in the theaters simultaneously, and I predict that it’s about to go down! The movie is hands down a hit, it premiered on Valentines Day, (Brillant!) and well…. the theatre I was in was jam packed! You did it again Kevin, keep working my brother, and keep raising the bar high!! We Salute You!