BALLIN … or nah?!  He’s got the money, but this may not be the best way to spend it?!  I don’t like to judge or count pockets, but $10K PER HAND?!  Goodness.  Ray Allen was spotted dropping all kinds of money in Vegas over the weekend … so how much did he walk away with?!  It doesn’t look like he’ll be changing professions anytime soon.  Check it out…





Via TMZ:

Ray Allen was LIGHTING UP a blackjack table in Vegas over the weekend … dropping $10k per hand at the Bellagio.

The Miami Heat superstar decided to try his luck with the cards on Saturday night … and posted up at a $1,000 minimum table in the exclusive Club Prive high-rollers lounge.

Ray was gambling with somewhere between 30 and 40 yellow chips ($1,000-a-pop).

Our casino sources who were there during the gambling run tell us Ray — who once signed an $80 MILLION contract — didn’t have a great showing at the table … and walked away empty handed.