NBA: Mario Chalmers Says WHAT About Lebron & Kyrie Irving??


Mario Chalmers has done more talking about Lebron James in the past couple months than he did as his teammate for four years. He obviously feels a certain type of way towards Bron because that is the only thing that could explain his chatter this off season. With Lebron gone from Miami and on to Cleveland, he will finally be paired with an elite caliber point guard in Kyrie Irving. Not so fast says Chalmers because he thinks the way Lebron treats him is going to eventually affect Kyrie.

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NBA: LeBron James Comments On The Cavs Preseason Match Up Against The Heat


The meeting between the two teams is set to take place in Brazil this weekend, and emotions are expected to be at a high regardless of what both teams are saying. James spoke briefly about the matchup during an interview. Hit the jump for details.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Well DAMN! Adrienne Bosh’s Ass is Looking Crazy at Heat Scrimmage!

Chris Bosh Distinguished Gentleman Birthday Dinner At Philippe

Let’s be clear, Adrienne Bosh has had a big ol donk for a long time (you can check out an old modeling pic in the photo gallery), but when she was spotted at a Miami Heat scrimmage the other day — fans really took notice! Some believe she’s getting ass shots and is going overboard with it & others are just loving and appreciating the view!
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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NBA: Chris “Birdman” Andersen Has A New Nickname, Check Out What His Teammates Call Him Now

IFWT Chris Andersen

Birdman was a key player for the Denver Nuggets for many seasons before joining the Miami Heat. His teammates have dubbed him with the name “2 checks” hit the jump to find out why.

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(Photos) NBA: SMH, Don’t Do It To Yourself! Mario Chalmers Throws Small Jab At Lebron


Mario Chalmers better reign in whatever way he is feeling about Lebron. During media day today he decided to take a slight jab at Bron and act almost as if he was nobody. Although it was just a small little jab, you know he was feeling like he wanted to say more and thought better of it. This would be the second time this off season that Chalmers talked about Bron in not so favorable of a light. Chalmers better realize Lebron is basically the only reason he has enjoyed a decent and successful career up to this point. If you think Lebron won’t remember this when the Cavs & Heat play you better think again. Check out the tweet from one of the members of the media covering the Heat for media day and how Chalmers referred to Bron!

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(VIDEO) NBA: Straight From The Horse’s Mouth – See What Lebron James Said About Miami Heat


Former Miami Heat player, Lebron James, sat down in an interview with CNN Rachel Nichols, set to air this Friday at 10:30 PM (Eastern Time). In the interview, James confirmed he would have stayed in Miami if the Heat had won the championship. Check out an exclusive clip from the unreleased interview…

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(PHOTO) NBA: We Finally Get To See A Picture of LeBron at Dwyane Wade’s Wedding


A lot of fans assumed that LeBron James didn’t make it to Dwyane Wade’s wedding because no pictures surfaced of LeBron & his wife Savannah at the big event.  But then Stephen A. Smith revealed that yes, in fact LeBron was there & there was no beef between the two since Bron made the decision to go back to Cleveland.  Well now we finally get to see the proof!  Almost a month later, Wade shared a special moment on Instagram.
Check it out…

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NBA: Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union React & Release Joint Statement on Leaked Nude Pics

ifwt_wade union 6

Earlier today more celebs nude pics leaked that included a few of actress Gabrielle Union (while she may not be happy, the fellas were rejoicing).  Well she and her hubby Dwyane Wade are reacting and speaking out about the leaked photos.  Check out what they had to say…

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(18+ PHOTOS) NBA: Dwyane Wade’s Wife, Gabrielle Union’s Nude Pics Leak!!


Awww man.  Not only was Kim Kardashian’s nude photos leaked today — but so were Dwyane Wade’s new wife, actress Gabrielle Union.  I hope you ladies are learning something from all of this.
Enjoy fellas….

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(Video) NBA: Chris Bosh Guest DJs on ‘The Ellen Show’

ifwt_bosh dj

Chris Bosh appeared on The Ellen Show today — as the guest DJ. Of course he didn’t miss the opportunity & promoted his new neckwear line “Mr. Nice Tie.”
Hey Ellen — how about getting a real DJ up there like Funk Flex??? That would be dope!
Ahhh well, check out Bosh’s appearance for now…

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