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(PHOTO) NBA: Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union’s Marriage License


Yep, it’s almost here!  Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union are set to get married tomorrow (Sat, Aug. 30th in Miami) and while everything has been kept top secret, a copy of their marriage license has surfaced.
I’m not sure what the big deal is about a marriage license, but if you’re into that — Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Dwyane Wade Takes Shot at LeBron?! LeBron Welcomes Kevin Love To Cavs

IFWT_wade Bron

It looks like these two BFFs may not be BFFs anymore.  Fans could be misinterpreting a photo and caption that Dwyane Wade posted up on Instgram yesterday, but it definitely seems like it could be a jab at LeBron James.  Meanwhile LeBron seems to be living his life happily and welcomed Kevin Love to the Cavs today after the news was made official.
Check out both posts & let us know what you think…

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NBA: Lil Wayne Explains (Again) Why He Doesn’t Like Dwyane Wade


Lil Wayne hit up SportsCenter earlier today to release his “Tha Carter V” cover art. He later then made an appearance on ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” and talked about all the Heat drama from 2013.  He has explained in the past what his issue with Dwyane Wade is, but for those that forgot or never heard about it — Check it out…

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NBA (Report): Guess Which Team Ray Allen Is Leaning Towards Joining?!


No surprise here!  We know that Ray Allen was considering retiring, but we also heard the rumor that LeBron wanted Ray to join him with the Cavs.  Well Ray’s been talking to multiple teams to investigate his options, but guess which team leads the way?!  Check it out…

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(Video) NBA: LMAO! Little Kid Asks Dwyane Wade Why He Flops — Check Out His Response


LOL, this is pretty funny! Dwyane Wade tells a story about a young basketball fan questioning him on his “perceived” flopping at the Dwyane Wade and Brandon Marshall Sports Academy.

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NBA: Was He Influenced By His Inner Circle?! LeBron’s Business Partner Speaks on LeBron’s Decision

IFWT_LeBron Maverick Carter 1

LeBron James’ business partner, Maverick Carter, is speaking out about LeBron’s decision to return to Cleveland.  Many think that LeBron may have been pushed that way.  Was that the case?!
Check out what he had to say about the situation…

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(PHOTO) NBA: Gabrielle Union Has Jokes About Dwyane Wade Staying In Miami


Yes, Gabrielle Union is happy that Dwyane Wade is staying in Miami with the Heat.  It might just not be for the reason you think.
Check out how she congratulated her boo on Instagram.  Gotta love their relationship!

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NBA: Shabazz Napier Addresses The Messy Situation About Unfollowing LeBron James on Twitter


The other day we learned that Miami Heat rookie Shabazz Napier unfollowed LeBron James on Twitter and deleted tweets after LeBron announced he was leaving the Heat.  Many fans called Shabazz salty & bitter.  Well now he’s addressing the situation.  Check out what he had to say…

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NBA: Was He Surprised?! Erik Spoelstra Speaks For First Time Since LeBron’s Announcement

IFWT_Erik Spoelstra Lebron  2

It’s been 5 days since LeBron made the announcement that he decided to head back to the Cavs in free agency … and one of the main people we haven’t heard from was Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.  Well he’s finally speaking, check out what he had to say about LeBron…

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(Video) NBA: Betty White’s LeBron Wish Comes True

IFWT_Lebron hot  5

Yep, even TV Land is getting in on the LeBron action.
Check out this clip from the upcoming animated episode of “Hot in Cleveland” when Elka’s (Betty White) wish comes true with LeBron James coming home! As one of Elka’s wishes in “Hot in Cleveland’s” upcoming animated episode, the ladies explore what life would have been like had LeBron never left.
The special animated episode of “Hot in Cleveland” premiering Wednesday, July 30th at 10 pm ET/PT.

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