Dwyane Wade returned to Miami last night and the fans let him know how much they still love him and will never forget him. In what was likely one of the more emotional nights of Wade’s career, he returned to South Beach as a member of the Bulls and scored 13 points to go along with seven rebounds and four assists in the 98-95 Bulls win. Heat fans weren’t as upset after the loss as they might normally be because the entire night was all about Wade.


Last week when the Knicks played the Bulls in Chicago, there were some very ignorant Bulls fans who had the nerve to boo Rose despite everything he gave to the city when he was there. It made you wonder would Heat fans dare boo Wade? Thankfully they were all class and gave Wade an ovation as if he was still wearing the Heat colors.

It didn’t stop there. The team also put up a moving tribute to Wade’s time in South Beach, which led to him walking onto the court during a break in the action and showing the crowd some love back.

Wade talked about how everything felt fine until he walked past the Heat locker room and had to walk to the other side of the building where the visitors are. “Worst basketball game I ever played in my life,” Wade said with a chuckle. “I couldn’t wait until it was over. It’s just weird. You’re going against guys — it just seemed like we were just playing in the playoffs together.

“Just a good environment though, man. The fans were great. I appreciate the ovation, the cheers. The things that they were saying, I appreciate it all. But the game itself was weird.”

He also mentioned that Pat Riley finally emailed him shortly before the game started.

“I hope he got it,” Riley said. “You know those guys changing phone numbers and emails …” Wade did get it but claimed he hadn’t read it prior to the game because he had to start getting ready.

Wade said of Riley before the game, “I’ve spoken through you guys [reporters].He’s heard me loud and clear. I’m very appreciative of Pat, of what we created here together. There’s nothing to squash [as far as bad feelings].”

“After 13 years together, we don’t need a talk or email just to justify how we feel about each other,” Riley said.

The contents of the email will probably remain private unless Wade discloses what Riley said, which I just don’t see happening. Either way, it feels like that chapter of Wade’s career is completely done now.