Floyd Mayweather and his beautiful fiancee Shantel aka Miss Jackson seemed to have made up and fixed things after a brief rift but it looks like there’s trouble in paradise yet again.

Shay Marie

Last night during the Lakers/Celtics game Mayweather was spotted courtside with Atlanta designer Delicia Cordon and her friends.  Of course Miss Jackson wasn’t happy about that and when asked why she wasn’t there, she replied because he’s busy with “seat fillers”.

Yes there’s more.  According to BSO, Delicia Cordon is also the babymother/girlfriend of Marcus Vick, brother to quarterback Michael Vick.

Now this all could have been an innocent outing as Floyd pointed out recently in a Sister 2 Sister interview, he’s not sleeping with every attractive woman he’s seen with.

Miss Jackson is my fiancée. I stand behind her 100 percent. No relationship is perfect. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, [but] I love Miss Jackson and she loves me. Any woman that’s attractive that’s around me doesn’t mean that she’s my girlfriend or she’s my lady or I’m sleeping with this woman. I’m happy with one woman.

Sidenote: Delicia also hinted in a post on Valentine’s day that she’s single sooo I don’t know..


h/t Necole Bitchie