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I’m ASHAMED that I’m learning about new music from TMZ. Lol.  Lamar Odom is getting the rap treatment by Whole Slab.  He’s an artist on Rick Ross’ record label & the song has got some serious crack undertones (you get it riiiight?!).  Hit the jump for details, to check it out & let us know what you think…



Via TMZ:

The guy behind the song is Whole Slab — a member of Rick’s Maybach Music Group — and his new single “Lamar Odom” is all about smokin’ something called “Lamar Odom.”

Slab tells TMZ Sports straight up … “Lamar Odom is now the street word for that illegal white substance.”  Clearly, the lyrics were inspired by Lamar’s substance abuse issues — particularly, his issues with crack.

As for Rick Ross’ role on the song — Slab says, “Rick inspired me and guided me through the making of my album. Lamar Odom is my first single and we’re going to shoot a video for it.”