Young Thug

Young Thug is rising to fame as a rap artist with his hit single “Danny Glover,” but his behavior often times is definitely not that of a typical rapper. From wearing dresses with jeans, calling his boys “bae” and “my love,” captioning photos of himself and Birdman with kissing references and intertwining his arms with his newly-freed [from jail] friend to drink their respective cups of lean, a lot of things this guy does makes you raise your eyebrows. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being gay…but the fact he’s so blatant about it but not ever actually “coming out” makes you think that he’s really not, so all of this behavior is just strange. Could he be trolling? Is he really gay and just doesn’t feel the need to address it? Is this just how he really is? Apparently, it’s a mix of the ladder, along with a new movement in the A called the “free thinking movement.” Thugger’s friends say he simply acts gay because that’s the Atlanta way, and that’s what’s cool down there. Uh…I guess. But I can’t say I’ve seen ANYONE else be a part of this movement. Who knows!

Marisa Mendez

Source: AHH