This news is just breaking a few minutes ago. Late last night, Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito was forced to check himself into the psychiatric unit at a hospital nearby his Arizona home. He has been under the public eye for months now ever since the bullying scandal he was involved in with former teammate Jonathan Martin. Everytime Incognito’s name has been in the news it has been for something bad. Whether it was the bullying situation, and even just yesterday for destroying his own Ferrari, it does seem he is going through alot emotionally and mentally. Reports say he did not voluntarily check himself in, which means police had to file a petition to require him to go. They say he did not resist. We recently posted a story about him explaining why he smashed his own Ferrari with a bat and his answers sound like a man who is on the verge of losing it. Hit the jump for more.


TMZ reports:

Richie Incognito was admitted to a psychiatric care unit in Arizona late Thursday night … TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources tell us … Incognito did not voluntarily admit himself — and the Scottsdale PD filled out a petition to have Incognito admitted to the facility.

We’re told … standard operating procedure is that the PD petition requires a detailed description of at least two incidents that show psychiatric instability.

We already know Incognito admitted taking a baseball bat to his own Ferrari — unclear if that incident was listed on the petition.

Sources connected to the situation tell us … Incognito didn’t resist … and acknowledges that he needs help dealing with all of the drama in his life.

Besides being the focus of a 5 month NFL investigation where he’s accused of bullying Jonathan Martin, Incognito’s parents are also in the middle of a divorce.

We’re told Incognito is being held at the facility until a bed opens up at a nearby hospital … where he can undergo an evaluation by a mental health professional.