Everyone was surprised when Terrell Owens married a woman named Rachel Snider out of nowhere.  Of course things turned sour and initially there were reports that Snider wanted a divorce because she believed Owens married her for her money (she’s a postal worker btw).  Then in a turn of events it turns out Owens is the one who filed for divorce and he claims there’s no community property between them, but he won’t get off scott free if Snider gets her way.

Shay Marie

According to TMZ Sports Snider says she deserves to continue the lifestyle she grew accustomed to during their 72 hours of marriage and that’s why she’s going after alimony.  She’s also requesting that Owens pay her legal fees, which is a shot back after Owens requested Snider pay his legal fees.

One thing that is certain is the marriage only lasted from January 23rd to January 26th.  Rachel is also prepared to fight Terrell’s claim that they have no communal property.  You’re probably slightly confused but Rachel claims the two had a secret five-year relationship prior to getting married.  She also claims Terrell married her just to get a loan on a $2 million home in Sherman Oaks, CA.

It seems to me that the two should both just go their separate ways and everybody should leave with what they came with.