Wowzer! New York resident and Comedian Ari Teman, got more than he bargained for when he decided to rent his Chelsea studio apartment out on popular AirBNB site for travelers and renters alike. Looks like these renters planned to get it in…

According to Teman, a man named David was looking to rent out his apartment March 14th for his brother and sister-in-law who were in town for a wedding….Sounds harmless right? That Friday Teman unsuspectingly dropped by his apartment around 11:30 pm to collect a suitcase, only to find a band of men numbering about 20, standing around his apartment….His furniture rearranged damaged, and some broken….The landlord actually broke the party up before it really TURNT up…but not before Teman tallied up 88K in damages so he claims. When Teman googled the number the man David made reservations with, it brought him online to the Twitter account of a promoter by the name of Twinn who was advertising a Freak Fest XXX at Teman’s apartment and charging $25 to party at posh Manhattan resident all night long.

Teman slammed the popular renters site AirBNB for not doing their due diligence when selecting renters… AirBNB apologized, put new locks on the door, placed him in a hotel for a week, and promptly wired $23,817 to his account.

Not a bad way to make up for it huh? Check out gallery of pics online advertising Teman’s apartment!

Andrea G