The Slap On The Train Heard Around The World Is Now Explained

_Man Who Slapped Woman On The Train Explains What Happened

Jorge Pena, 25, The man who slapped a woman on the F train in New York(Slap On The Train Heard Around The World), explained what happened. Read more on the story after the jump!

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(Photos) BREAKING: Two Window Washers Are Dangling On A Scaffold Attached To The 1 World Trade Center


Update: 3:01 p.m., 11/12/2014

The two workers have been rescued without any harm. FDNY had to create a hole in the glass, to get the longtime workers to safety.

Drop down bottom for more.

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UPDATE: New NYC Marijuana Laws Come Into Effect As Soon As Next Week!

UPDATE: New NYC Marijuana Laws Come Into Affect As Soon As Next Week!

As previously reported, Mayor Bill de Blaiso announced that the NYPD will no longer be arresting for possession of small amounts of Marijuana. The new law officially has it’s date for when this goes into affect and its….
Find out more after the jump!

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(Video) More Police Brutality! @SaratogaSheriff Deputy Violently Smacks During Illegal Search; Cop Suspended

IFWT_Illegal cop

These Cops, not just NYPD or big cities, but the rural townships across the country, although the mandate is to serve and protect, they seem to be more about fulfilling some type of ego.

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(Video) Eminem Flys To New York To Honor Dr. Dre And Jimmy Iovine


The Detroit rapper who doesn’t do many public appearances, came out just for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

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MLB: A-Rod Reveals Interesting Technique On Beating MLB Drug Test!


After admitting to the DEA that he did indeed take performance-enhancing drugs, Rodriguez has announced to the world his technique on PASSING MLB drug tests! The technique, referred to him by his doctor, actually got him negative results once. Hit the jump for more details…

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(Video) Boxing: Bernard Hopkins Ignored – “Because I’m Black.”


The light heavyweight is known for his recent successes in the world of boxing of breaking records despite his older age of 50 years old. Despite the history being made, Hopkins linked his lack of coverage to him being black, explaining race could be the only reason! Pulling the race card or nah?! Hit the jump to check out the interview!

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(Mugshot) MLB: A-Rod Paid Cousin $1 MILLION To Keep Steroids Use A Secret!


The NY Yankees third baseman, better known as Alex Rodriguez, or ‘A-Rod,’ paid his cousin Yuri Sucart for keeping his steroid use confidential. However, Sucart was not satisfied and demanded an ADDITIONAL $5M! SMH, hit the jump for further details on this escalating, crazy confession story…

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MLB: A-Rod’s Suspension Officially Over!


A-Rod served his one year suspension due to steroid abuse and is now back on the Yankees roster. Hit the jump for details.

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Gov. Chris Christie Loses Battle To CDC; Woman Being Quarantined In NJ Will Be Moved To Maine


Governor Chris Christie is being slammed by Maine nurse, Kaci Hickox whom flew to West Africa to help with the Ebola outrage. Upon her return, Hickox was ordered to be quarantined was placed off in a plastic-sealed location.

All of my “basic human rights have been violated,” said Hickox and she blames every bit of it on the New Jersey governor.

The nurse has now been cleared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is expected to be going back to her home state of Maine – with some mandatory rules to follow.

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