74-year-old Louis VanWie, will now be released from prison after serving 20 years of a 30-year sentence. VanWie admitted to sexually abusing over 100 children. Super sick. In 1977, he plead guilty of sexually abusing two young girls. Upon being caught, he told police he was actually happy to have been caught for the fact that he he had attacked hundreds of other kids dating back four decades. The police said they had received over 100 phone calls after VanWie had been arrested. Sadly, a lot of the other cases could not be bought to court because the legal timeframe had expired.

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Gary Greenberg, an upstate investor, says he too was assaulted by VanWie in 1966 while visiting his father in the hospital in Cohoes. This year, Greenberg decided to ‘create a political action committee to support state legislative candidates who would push for changes in the law making it easier for child sex abuse victims to bring civil and criminal cases.’ He says,

“Only three of his victims disclosed (what had happened) before the statute of limitations barred them from court. Now this monster is slated for release after serving 20 years. All his victims are serving life sentences.”

Kayla Wittman was also sexually abused by this sick man. She said,

“Louis VanWie damaged me, he destroyed my childhood, and I have suffered the consequences my entire life. Now he gets to leave prison while I will still suffer the consequences of his crime.”

The corrections officials say there is not much they can do once a person has met all the qualifications to be released. Pretty much, the man served his time.

“If he meets critieria based on the state statute and he qualifies for it, he’s granted itHe met all the qualifications. The only chance we had to say ‘no’ is when he came up for parole to get out early–and that’s when we denied him the five times.”

Source: NYDailyNews