Seriously, how tf do you fake a pregnancy with 5 kids !? A woman in Quebec faked the whole pregnancy, not just to the town, but her family and even her own boyfriend! That lady needs serious help ! Read the full story after the jump.

A Quebec woman had her entire town believing she was pregnant and expecting quintuplets, convincing many to open their hearts — and wallets — to help her. Problem was, not only were there no quintuplets, there was no pregnancy at all.
The woman had told her boyfriend she was pregnant about a month after they met on an online dating site. At first, she said she was expecting twins. Then it changed to triplets and then quadruplets.
The community of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu rallied around the expectant couple and the expecting father created a Facebook page to keep family and community members up to date.

I’m still a little confused on how she was able to lie and actually make people believe she was having kids ! SMH read the full article here