Although behind bars, Gucci Mane’s cash flow is one that can not be stopped! According to the trap music’s engineer’s, Gucci brought in a whopping 1.3 million, while incarcerated, and 2014 has just kicked off. Check out as Gucci’s income is broken down below.

Adriela Batista

Ronald ‘Caveman’ Rosario and Sean Paine, two of Gucci’s trusted audio engineers, whom he met as interns described Gucci’s yearly income by showing how he makes his money and vaults of lyrics work for him:

“With Gucci, last year we did a total of 12 projects, including nine Gucci Mane projects and three 1017 projects.” He claims Gucci netted “about $1.3 million from that” in 2013. Caveman is also the co-owner of TrapMerch.com, which sells Gucci’s official merchandise. “We have the official ‘Free Guwop’ tee shirt. That shit sells all day everyday.”

You may be asking how exactly is Gucci able to put out all of these mix tapes while incarcerated?… Well it’s quite simple, with the power of a telephone call! Gucci’s mix tape process involves him calling his trusted engineers, replaying audio, and discussing the direction of the tape, before releasing it to the fans:

“He’s very, very, vocal about what he wants, and how he wants it sound,” explains Caveman. “He does not remember a lot of the songs that he recorded, so we have to sift through it and I literally play the songs over the phone so he can remember them.” Paine reports much of the same. “He’ll call from jail and give us some direction on these projects and then we kind of go from there. Gucci really makes all the decisions.”

“Some of these songs might have a great first verse but not a strong second verse. Some have great verses but the hook’s not there. So we sift through everything with Gucci and really create new songs” says Caveman, who also serves as an A&R in addition to his more business related responsibilities.”