Janice Jentz and Bambo Obaro love Jay-Z, love the trailer for The Great Gatsby, have huge parties every year that they are know for throwing amongst their friends, and love to surprise people. The perfect recipe for a wedding, right? Let along a wedding announcement! Check out how this San Francisco couple combined their love of opulence for their blockbuster “Save The Date” trailer.

Major Diamond Productions, who shot the couple, says “From the very first call that we received from Bambo and Janice we totally clicked!!! They both had so many ideas about a video that they wanted to do. The most important thing was they wanted it to be different than every other “Save the Date” that anyone has ever seen. They were so open to ideas and excited about creating something that seemed impossible.”

With helicopters and diamonds. Bottle service and fast cars, Janice and Bambo definitely stepped outside the box with this wedding announcement.

Watch the final product and clear your calendars for the July 12th wedding.

Jade Raven

Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer from Major Diamond Productions on Vimeo.