The New York Knicks are preparing to play the Chicago Bulls tonight.  It could have been a pivotal game but with the Atlanta Hawks defeat of the Miami Heat on Saturday night they officially secured the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference eliminating the Knicks from playoff contention.  While doing their pre-game interviews for tonight’s matchup the Knicks lamented over what wrong wrong this season and what their expectations were.

Shay Marie

The quotes for the most part were expected with coach Mike Woodson noting the injuries they dealt with and not getting the job done.   “It’s just that simple. There’s a lot of factors that came behind it, but you can’t sit here and complain about it now. I mean, we didn’t get it done and being the coach, I just apologize to the fans because they paid their hard-earned money to come see us play and we didn’t come into this season expecting this,” said Woodson.

Amare Stoudemire noted as well that they didn’t expect this, in fact he had very high hopes for the season and thought very highly of his team.  He noted there would be some changes going forward with the uncertainty surrounding Carmelo Anthony and the addition of Phil Jackson.  “There could be a lot of changes, that’s the unknown factor,” Stoudemire said. Stoudemire added with a straight face: “On paper we might be the best team in the league.”

Ummm interesting…

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