A 13-year-old boy is currently in stable condition after getting hit by two bullets in the face and eye Monday afternoon. The young kid was with his aunt on Beverley Road and Flatbush Avenue, in Flatbush-Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, when the shots began going off. A local store-owner named Aissatou Diallo witnessed the whole thing, claiming about eight or nine shots went off when the boy was struck. “The little boy was standing and I see him bleeding,” she said. “Me and the mother were like going crazy – like, jumping, crying.” She continued by saying, “I thought I was back in my country in the Middle East — in Yemen – you know what’s going on there now, right? This is how it was this morning over there – this afternoon, as a matter of fact. It was crazy.” The man who the bullet was intended for also went to the hospital after getting struck in the leg. NYPD continues their investigation to successfully locate the shooter who is currently on the loose.

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