(Video) Bobby Shmurda’s Mom Speaks Out On His Case; “He’s Not A Gang Leader”


After JUST getting on in the rap game, 20-year-old Bobby Shmurda is currently looking at some hefty time behind bars for murder, weapons and conspiracy charges. NYPD has been conducting an on-going investigation on Bobby and his fellow GS9 members, with evidence that leads them to all be gang affiliated. However, New York PD is saying that Bobby is in fact the leader of his GS9 set, which is a branch of the G-Stone Crips. Bobby, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, his brother Gervais and 13 other defendants were all charged with a 68-count indictment, which leads us to believe that things are NOT going in their favor. Police and Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan say 21 guns were also seized from the crime scene. According to Brennan, this ongoing investigation started way before the Brooklyn native became a huge rapper with a chart-topping hit.

Fox 5 News sat down with Bobby’s mother, Leslie Pollard, at a seafood restaurant that she owns in Brooklyn to discuss her son’s current legal issues with the law. She claims that NYPD has it out for her son and that he is “no leader of a gang.” Unfortunately for Bobby, his $2 million dollar bail has been denied twice already. Check out the Fox 5 exclusive interview with Bobby’s mother below to see what else she had to say about her son.

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(Photos) Brooklyn Paying Homage to Notorious BIG With New Mural

Brooklyn Getting New Notorious BIG Mural

The legend is sure to continue as Brooklyn Paying Homage to Notorious BIG With New Mural. Now where exactly in Brooklyn and because he used to do what there??? Now that’s interesting…

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(Video) The Frosty Boys & H Mob Talks About Pressing Safaree In Brooklyn!


H Mob and The Frosty Boys sat down with Star to talk about the footage that went viral showing them pressing Safaree when he made a guest appearance in Brooklyn. They didn’t come out and say it was them, but when Star said the guys in the video resemble them, they shook their heads to agree. I never heard this rule before but they also stated that a person must check in when visiting a hood they don’t belong in. Even though SB lived in Brooklyn, he moved to Cali several years ago. I guess you learn something new everyday.
Watch what else the group had to say in the full clip below!

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(Video) Update: 5 Arrests Made In Brutal Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown

_Victim Of Brooklyn McDonald's Fight Brags About Newfound Fame Online

Update: At least 5 Arrests have been made in the Gang Style McDonald’s Beatdown of 15 year old Ariana Taylor including it’s ring-leader, who had 10 prior arrests before this incident. Since they’re trying her as an adult she faces a hard sentence if found guilty of all robbery and gang assault charges…

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(Video) Safaree Returns To Brooklyn With Hella Goons


Safaree Returns To Brooklyn With Hella Goons. So one day after the world saw the clips of Safaree getting turned away in Brooklyn by goons, Safaree returns with his own goons to finish off the music video they interrupted. Check out the video below.

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(Photos + Video) Victim Of Brooklyn McDonald’s Fight Brags About Newfound Fame Online!

_Victim Of Brooklyn McDonald's Fight Brags About Newfound Fame Online

Ariana Taylor, the victim of being jumped by a group of women at a Brooklyn McDonald’s is now bragging about her newfound fame online. Footage of the fight was caught on video and it quickly went viral. Check out the photos in the gallery, a video of the brutal fight and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Photos) Brooklyn Boy Falls Four Stories To His Death After Leaping The Roof!

_Brooklyn Boy Falls Four Stories To His Death After Leaping The Roof

A young Brooklyn boy, Tyhreek Riley, 15, falls four stories to his death while he was trying to leap to the roof of an adjacent building. Check out the photos of Tyhreek in the gallery and read more on the story below!

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(Video) The Game Says Safaree Go Finish Your Video

The Game Tells Safaree Samuels Finish Your Video

Following the unfortunate run-up Safaree got in Brooklyn earlier this week, a random call-in and The Game Says Safaree Go Finish Your Video!

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(Video) Brooklyn Mom Says Pot Brownie Paralyzed Her Teen

Mom Says Pot Brownie Paralyzed Teen

“Mother knows best” or nah??? Brooklyn Mom Says Pot Brownie Paralyzed Her Teen after 17 year old Danieel Buchanan was sent to the hospital for what they initially called a “bad brownie.” The cut up will be so real when she gets back to school (SMH)…you definitely want to hear the details on this!

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(Photo) Kicks: DQM & Vans To Release Sneakers Inspired By NYC BrownStone Houses!


DQM x Vans pay tribute to brown stone houses located in Brooklyn,Parkslope, & Harlem neighborhoods with that being said DQM x Vans dress the Vans sk8-hi sneaker models they are five models that pay homage to the NYC Brown Stone houses each color way represents a unique brown stone house located in that area. As far as a release date is concerned the DQM x Vans set to release on March 19th will you be copping a pair?. Peep The Gallery To See Detailed Images Of The DQM x Vans After The Jump….

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