#Freestyle051 Ba Ba Boom, ****boy don’t run! Casanova brought his passion strong. New to the scene in the last year, and he felt like it was time to show he’s ready.

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These #FlexFreestyles are not just necessary for the culture, but a Verification for the big up or loss in ones career…. it’s true what Flex says, Not everyone can come up here….well that doesn’t mean they can’t physically come up, it means not everyone can Spit and survive, so some don’t even want to come up here, but Cas…. Rookie but they calling him a vet;

I will say everything he spit was his life, and he did it in one take, he for real with his!! I often tell the truth in these posts, I’ve had rappers text me and say ‘damn, I didn’t know you was gonna keep it 100’, or ‘damn you did me dirty big bro’. So to keep it one hundred, I like Cas, his swag, he’s a Brooklyn dude, I fux with Brooklyn dudes, I hate when Brooklyn dudes beef with each other, I’m always clear and say I fux with all Brooklyn dudes for sure….I wrote this whole long explanation on how me writing this article could be perceived an issue, but I decided to keep it simple…. I’ll speak on it on another time. Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn we back at it again!! Ba Ba Boom.