Man I got a story for this one!! So I get the email, Young MA is coming thru to talk to us about some things, lets’s get everyone together, so I lined up the team, but then my HiT co-Host and I talk about some tech stuff and I figure out I want to go get an exclusive(ish) piece of tech, so I gather my belongings and self, and bus myself on down to the city!

Tat Wza IG | Twitter | Snapchat(Snapcode; Screenshot and ADD)

I go to 57th st to get my tech then find out there’s a mean line…. mind you I’m 3 hrs out until I have to be where we’re going to meet, so I’m like ok i have a sec, basically I waited the entire time, didn’t get my tech, and I was tight, but I know we had whom I consider the current leader of the #ThisISwhatNYCSoundsLike movement, Young MA, so it was worth getting of that line, which I REALLY did not want to do, but we def got a really good interview, AND she’s from BK, me from the Stuy…..

She said some really key things, like what really happened with that young lady in the club, they made it seem like she got kicked out, but didn’t, M.A. was just having some fun with the crowd, please she admitted to be henny’d up. She spoke on the situation OT where they made it seem like she flaked, she didn’t, and those dudes are rappers, looking for attention! ?

Young MA cleared a lot of the Bull? up, but even more importantly she brought music that’s FLAMES…. That “EAT freestyle”, with a Money, Power and Respect beat….fire flames ?.