Young M.A. stopped by the studio for #WeGotaStoryToTell002 to speak about her rise to fame with Funk Flex.

She also addressed the custom, fan-made “Headphanie” Hennessy bottles which she says were made without the permission of Hennessy and the Young M.A team and had to be shut down. The bottle references the famous line from her hit single “ooouuu”. She also said that they probably made a lot of money those first few days though and that she appreciated the love. That tour schedule looking busy, given all of her recent success and Young M.A. said shes been feeling blessed and grateful.

Flex also brought up the BET cypher, which apparently had been chopped up. Appreciative for the opportunity, but still Young M.A. said that she wished BET had provided the freestyle in its entirety. She’s very passionate about her work and every word counts, especially in a cypher. It’s just another part of getting used to the new lifestyle. Crazy to hear her talk about Flex spinning “ooouuu” for the first time, Flex is right, it was definitely hitting a nerve for the city!