Young MA Speaks on Recent Issues, Rise To Stardom & More With Funk Flex

Man I got a story for this one!! So I get the email, Young MA is coming thru to talk to us about some things, lets’s get everyone together, so I lined up the team, but then my HiT co-Host and I talk about some tech stuff and I figure out I want to go get an exclusive(ish) piece of tech, so I gather my belongings and self, and bus myself on down to the city!

Tech Talk App: “Demolition Master” Is Angrier Than Angry Birds!!!

I got this App yesterday(it’s FREE right Now, but normally $1.99), and I got Hooked Right away, which are me thing of ‘Angry Birds‘, ‘Draw Something‘, ‘Dooors‘, And I’m wondering why this isn’t all over Instagram?? Well maybe you guys just don’t know about it, Well Hit the Jump!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk App: How Many ‘Dooors’ Can You Get Through???

Lol, No I did NOT misspell the word ‘Dooors’, this is the NEW biznezz, besides the Homie Wilmajor putting me on to it, and the Team trying it out last night, it’s been going around instagram(which has proven to be an indicator of what’s NEW & Hot), And when you go to ‘Top FREE Apps in the App store, it’s #2(just behind my Fav “Draw Something”), Hit the Jump in case you don’t know! +TatWZA

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