Taj Gibson cover pic

Looks like K Michelle is at it again.  She’s had public disputes with her NBA beaus such as Knicks guard JR Smith and Pacers guard Lance Stephenson and now the drama surrounds Bulls forward Taj Gibson.

Shay Marie

The drama all began when K Michelle’s friend Paris Phillips posted a picture of her MCM on Instagram.  Paris is also friends with a girl named Jada who commented on the picture.  K Michelle then commented on the picture as well telling Jada “I f*cked with your n*gga”.

Jada has reportedly been dating Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson for quite some time.  Jada is from Brooklyn which is also where Taj is from originally.  Well it turns out K Michelle dated him as well, there were rumors about the two back in 2012.  I’m not sure why K Michelle addressed Jada on the post but apparently they’ve been feuding for quite some time as Jada indicated that K Michelle blocked her months ago.  Well the two began going back and forth.


screenshots c/o Lipstick Alley