(Video) NBA: Dirty Player? Here’s the 3 Controversial Plays From Matthew Dellavedova

NBA: Preseason-Philadelphia 76ers at Cleveland Cavaliers

Aussie Matthew Dellavedova is making quite the name for himself in the NBA but it’s not exactly a good one.  Dellavedova is building a reputation as a dirty player and he’s had three major incidents in the playoffs that have several people crying foul.

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(Video) NBA: Taj Gibson Gets Into Altercation With Fans After Object Thrown at Him During His Ejection


Things got pretty heated during game 5 of the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers series on Tuesday night.  Taj Gibson got tangled up Matthew Dellavedova and in my opinion was unfairly ejected.  Dellavedova held Gibson in a leg lock and Gibson tried to kick his foot free but it looked like Gibson tried to kick Dellavedova as he laid on the ground.  In any event, Gibson was hit with a flagrant 2 and ejected from the game.  As he was walking towards to the locker room, a fan threw an object at him.

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(Video) NBA: Chicago Bulls Taj Gibson Ejected From Game After Kicking Cleveland Cavaliers Point Guard


Game 5 between The Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls did not end in a buzzer-beater, but was not void of excitement at the least bit. Another back and forth contest saw the Cavaliers come away with the win, but that came after Bulls forward, Taj Gibson, was ejected from the game for kicking the Cav’s point-guard Matthew Dellavadova.

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This NBA Player Is Upset He Didn’t Win 6th Man of the Year

IFWT_Jamal 6th

On Tuesday, ESPN announced that Clippers G Jamal Crawford is the NBA’s Sixth Man Award winner for second time in his career.  Many fans agreed it was well deserved.  Well there’s one NBA that doesn’t agree.  Check it out & let us know what you think???

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(Photos) NBA: K Michelle Goes At It With One of Taj Gibson’s Girlfriends!

Taj Gibson cover pic

Looks like K Michelle is at it again.  She’s had public disputes with her NBA beaus such as Knicks guard JR Smith and Pacers guard Lance Stephenson and now the drama surrounds Bulls forward Taj Gibson.

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(Video) NBA: Taj Gibson Dunks All Over Nikola Vucevic

IFWT_Taj Nikola  3

Taj Gibson rolls to the basket off the pick and throws it down over the Magic big man.

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#IFWT Wishes Taj Gibson (@TajGibson22) A Happy Birthday!!

IFWT_Taj 1

Happy 28th Birthday to Taj Gibson!  Wishing you many more!!

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NBA: Chicago Bulls Have a Conspiracy Theory Regarding Lebron, the Heat & Foul Calls

IFWT Heat x Bulls

There’s always been some sentiment that the Miami Heat are coddled and Lebron James is commissioner David Stern’s golden child. Often people complain about the fouls called or lack there of when it comes to Lebron.  However to actually hear a coach and team hint at the very thought is a little shocking.  It is fitting though that coach Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls would be the ones to address the elephant in the room.   The Bulls and Heat have been in a dogfight of a playoff series and I’m sure there’s some resentment since the Bulls ended the Heat’s 27-game win streak and stopped them from creating history.  Last night things came to a head in the already physical matchup when Nazr Mohammed was ejected for shoving Lebron to the floor.  While Nazr was ejected, Lebron was given a technical and allowed to continue playing.  While the shoves were clearly different, the Bulls think there’s a conspiracy going on considering all the dirty plays that have gone on between the two.  Read more after the jump.

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(Videos) NBA: It Got Crazy! Joakim Noah & LeBron Almost Fight AND Taj Gibson Goes On F-Bomb Tirade!

IFWT_James Noah  2

If you missed last night’s Bulls/Heat game, you really missed out on a crazy game. It got physical and the Heat just mollywhopped the Bulls.

ESPN describes it: After nine technical fouls, two ejections and a whole lot of extracurricular pushing and shoving, the end results were as follows: The biggest postseason win in Heat history, the biggest postseason loss in Chicago Bulls history, and tons of fresh venom pulsing through the veins of this now-tied Eastern Conference semifinal series. Miami won 115-78, a stunning outcome for a game that was basically back-and-forth for much of the first half.

A couple of the highlights came from LeBron James and Joakim Noah (almost fight over ball) along with Taj Gibson (loses it after getting ejected). Check’em out…

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(PHOTO) Guess Which NBA Players Lil Wayne Was Hanging Out With After Bulls/Heat Game 1 in Miami?!?!


If you haven’t heard, Lil Wayne has picked the Heat to take the title this year. He may no longer be a fan of the team, but that’s not clouding his judgement. Of course since he’s allegedly banned from the Heat games, we didn’t see him courtside during game 1 against the Bulls last night. BUT don’t worry, that doesn’t mean Tunechi isn’t going to party.  He was spotted out with a few NBA players.  Who exactly?!  Find out after the jump…

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