IFWT_Harden Struggle1

LaMarcus Aldridge’s 43 points helped the Blazers put the Rockets in 2-0 hole. The Blazers beat the Rockets 112-105 last night and fans went IN on James Harden.
For the second game in a row, Harden struggled to make shots. So what’s happened to Harden?! There may be a reason for it, but Rocket fans aren’t going to want to hear this. Check out the jokes and possible reason after the jump…





Via LarryBrownSports:

Nate Fitch, best known as Johnny Manziel’s close friend and business manager, is well connected and tweeted this after Game 2:

IFWT_Harden party

We consider Fitch to be a reliable source otherwise we wouldn’t have felt comfortable posting this.