50 Cent

50 was on Power 99 Philly radio station and was chatting it up with DJ Cosmic Kev. He opened up about almost everything, including the ending of G Unit…


50 explained that he has no communication with Lloyd Banks or Tony Yayo, he feels like they didn’t work hard enough to establish themselves and that G Unit is “dismantled”. He also said that no amount of money would get him to even think about reuniting with the crew and he’s not giving either one more money at this stage.

During the interview, 50 also talked about his relationships with Jimmy, Dr. Dre and Steve Stoute. He didn’t leave the music out, they then discussed his upcoming album ‘Animal Ambition’ and 50 got a chance to explain the difference between that album and the highly anticipated SKI (Street Kings Immortal).

Listen to the full interview audio below!