Colombus & Tanee

Something is definitely amiss with these two. Colombus Short and wife Tanee apparently share a love for many things. Their children, living a lavish lifestyle, oh….and beating the living sh*t out of people! While Tanee has been around town crying wolf, seemingly coming off as the victim in a domestic violence case filed on her husband back on February 18th, 2014. In addition to another incident that popped off in late April between them that led to her filing for divorce, as well as a protective order, looks like ole Tanee’s hands aren’t clean either! Check deets inside.

Early this am, TMZ leaked footage of Colombus’ estranged wife Tanee beating the breaks off woman identified as Tilly Key, who is an… friend of Columbus’ who he allegedly called to come collect him after he made bail for domestic violence charge back on February 18th. Does he not have a car? Why add fuel to the fire Colombus? Well from the video, Tanee wasn’t having ANY of it. Reports say Colombus’ friend Tilly Key suffered from a concussion, a cervical sprain, multiple contusions, a lumbar sprain and lumbar strain. Dayuum!

Watch the video below

We get the sneaking suspicion that Colombus doesn’t shoulder all the blame in the domestic violence dispute. Time to call it quits. Domestic violence is nothing to be toyed with or excused, but after seeing this is it possible that Tanee may have provoked Colombus to the point of no return?

Andrea G