So apparently Donald Sterling has a reason he made those racist comments in the taped conversation with V. Stiviano.  According to TMZ Sports Sterling is telling his friends he only made the racist comments because he thought it would persuade her to have sex with him.

Shay Marie

It sounds crazy but Sterling is adamant the comments he made to V. Stiviano during the rant were supposed to act as some kind of aphrodisiac to get her in the mood.  Stiviano by the way is reportedly black and mexican so its safe to say the plan backfired in a big way.

Sterling is telling his friends he was so desperate to have sex with V, he was willing to say anything to get her to agree.  I’m sure plenty of men have been in that predicament but racist comments being the answer?! Definitely not.

Stiviano maintains that she never had a sexual relationship with Sterling and referred to him as a very close friend.