NBA: Donald Sterling Suing V. Stiviano & TMZ Over the Recording & Publishing of His Racist Rants

Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling is suing V. Stiviano and TMZ over the recording and publishing of the infamous conversation he had with Stiviano.  The racist tapes led to Sterling’s oust from the NBA and now he’s ready to fire back.

(Video) NBA: Magic Johnson Says He’s Forgiven Donald Sterling For Racist Comments

When V. Stiviano took a picture with Magic Johnson, it started a whirlwind of controversy.  Stiviano was the mistress assistant to the now former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling.  He was heard on tape telling Stiviano not to be seen with Magic or any black people at Clipper games amongst other things.  The racist tapes eventually led to Sterling’s ban from the NBA and the sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Now that some time has passed, how does Magic feel about Sterling?

NBA: Shelly Sterling Admits She Sued V. Stiviano For Revenge & Is Giving the Money to Charity!

Most women can’t do anything about their husband’s mistress but Shelly Sterling got back at V. Stiviano by suing her and winning.  Stiviano must give back the $1.8 million condo and the $800,000 in cars and gifts given to her by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  Clearly it was all about revenge for Shelly as the billionaire doesn’t need the money.  In fact she’s giving it all away to charity.

NBA: Shelly Sterling Wins Lawsuit, V. Stiviano Must Give Back $2.8 Million Donald Sterling Spent on Her

The billionaire wife of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling got her revenge against a woman he showered with gifts and whose recording of his racially offensive rant cost him ownership of the team.

NBA: Well Damn! V. Stiviano Got $3.6 Million For Being Donald Sterling’s Mistress

V. Stiviano could be having a very nice life right now if she just knew how to shut the hell up. She was living the high life until she tried to get greedy and secretly recorded former Clippers owner Donald Sterling going on a racist tirade. She thought the recording was going to give her fame and fortune, but instead she lost that high life and may even lose more if Shelly Sterling gets her way.

(Photo) NBA: Fatal Attraction… V. Stiviano Professes Her Love For Donald Sterling & Disses His Wife

V. Stiviano might genuinely have love for Donald Sterling but she also strikes me as a fame whore.  Stiviano is most famously known as the woman on the leaked tapes that revealed Sterling was racist, which most people already knew but hearing the actual words created a firestorm.  Sterling was subsequently banned from the NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers were sold to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for a record $2 billion.  Since then both Stiviano and Sterling have faded away from the headlines but here we are yet again.

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