Ciara has confirmed reports of her giving birth to her baby boy  Early Monday May, 19th. She posted a picture on her instagram a few hours ago of her baby boy’s fingers. Say hello to Future Zahir Wilburn.

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Body party singer captioned her photo with a few details about her new bundle of joy.  “FUTURE ZAHIR WILBURN 9lbs 10oz May 19 2014.” In an interview with US Weekly Ciara claims picking a name for her new baby was very difficult however, the middle name a little more work. She stated “It was kind of easy,” she said. “But the middle name was a little hard for me… I went with what felt right in my soul and my gut. I didn’t second guess it.” Not only did she open up about her baby’s name but she also expressed how excited she was to have finally met her baby boy she told US Weekly “It’s so cool when you’re blessed to give the gift of life, “I love kids so much, I’m literally obsessed with kids. So I’m excited about being able to have my own to obsess over.”

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