Iggy Azalea

According to Forbes author Hugh McIntrye author of the article ” Hip Hop is Run By A White, Blonde Australian Woman.” Iggy Azeala runs hip-hop. Choosing to use her appearance and not just her name it is clear he is not just trying to raise awareness on her “success.”


McIntrye seems to be insinuating that despite efforts of all races the superior white girl wins again. He uses the fact that Iggy Azealea’s album The New Classic is the highest charting album by a female since Nicki Minaj’s 2010 Pink Friday. Other then Nicki Minaj no other female rapper as been able to have continuance mainstream success. What does this prove? Not much actually . In the era where Hip-Hop revolves around the internet and popularity , artist that are really “running” hip-hop have been selling records fast as ever. Kendrick Lamar was an underground rapper from Compton in 2011 and now has 7 Grammy’s and went platinum. Drake , Lil Wayne ,J.Cole and almost 50% of hip-hop’s elite came up in the internet era (just like Iggy) and are all selling records. Schoolboy Q doubled Azalea’s first week total and has had zero top 40 songs in his career. So what exactly is Iggy Azalea running? Well it isn’t Hip-Hop that’s for sure.

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