As you may know by now, late last night, Shelly Sterling, wife of Clippers owner Donald Sterling agreed to sell the team for $2 Billion dollars to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. It still has to be approved by the majority of the other owners in the NBA, but based on the situation nobody sees that as being a problem. Last week Donald Sterling had sent a letter from his lawyer signing over control of the team to his wife because he realized the writing was on the wall in regards to his ownership. This week he had a change of heart though and vowed to put up a bloody fight to keep the team. It appears one specific thing led to the sale being allowed to go through.


Donald Sterling was deemed “mentally incapacitated,” clearing the way for Shelly Sterling to become the sole trustee in the Sterling family trust and giving her the power to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. Donald Sterling’s lawyers continue to say there can be no sale without their client’s signature, but that no longer seems to be true. According to reports, the way the ownership of the Clippers was set up, they had some strict wording in the paperwork in regards to Donald or Shelly being mentally unstable to do what is best for the franchise. Donald was declared just that this week by a group of doctors, which seems to be what is allowing the sale to go forward without much involvement from him.

People involved still seem to expect some type of fight from Donald, but those same people also believe the sale will go through regardless. Let’s hope so because this is best for everyone involved including the Sterling;s, the team, the players and fans.