Well, talk about over reacting. This generation’s obsession with technology is getting a little too crazy. A 10th grade honor student from Norfolk, Virginia plead guilty today in an adult court of two counts of second degree murder for killing his parents because he “just got mad and went off.” Just about a week before Christmas on December 19th, 2013, Vincent Parker, 16, went over the edge after he admittedly got sick of routine punishments “like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.”


Parker attacked his mother, Carol Parker, 57, as she came out of an upstairs bathroom in the family’s Bland Street home. Vincent admitted to police that he first drenched his mother in pepper spray before then stabbing her in the eye and beating her to death with a bat and crow bar until “she stopped breathing.” 25 wounds from the brutal stabbing and beating were identified by a medical examiner on Carol Parker’s face, head and neck.

Following the killing of his mother, Vincent then turned his anger to his father, Wayne Parker, when he arrived home by whacking him with a crow bar and then stabbing him several times. Wayne lived long enough to tell police what happened despite Vincent initially trying to tell authorities that it was his father who was the assailant.

Ironically enough, Vincent wanted to be a police officer when he got older. Now he awaits his sentencing, which he will learn in September when he returns to a Norfolk Circuit Court where he can possibly face decades in prison if he is sentenced to the maximum for both murders.