How does this even happen? Three Canadian men escaped from Orsainville prison in Quebec City last night using a get away helicopter! And get this, this isn’t even the first time a helicopter was used to make a prison break in Canada. Looks like our neighbors up north know how to get it done. Find out more after the jump!


According to police, at around 7:45 pm last night a green helicopter landed in the courtyard of the barbwire fenced in Quebec City detention Center and then flew away with three inmates.

The escapees, Yves Denis, 35, Denis Lefebvre, 53, and Serge Pomerleau, 49, were put behind bars after a huge drug trafficking bust that happened in 2010 called “Operation Crayfish.” The sting resulted in 52 arrests and seized 905,000 Canadian dollars, 2 kilos of cocaine and others drugs, plus a plane and a helicopter. Guess that wasn’t the only ‘copter in their garage.

In March of 2013 another helicopter escape took place in Canada after a pilot was forced at gunpoint to pick up two inmates at the St. Jerome Prison near Montreal.

Those two convicts were caught within a few hours of the escape, along with the two who hijacked the helicopter to come to their rescue.

Wonder if these three will meet the same fate but so far they’re lasting longer than last year’s escape artists. According to provincial police, authorities were put on alert across Quebec, in the rest of Canada and in the United States. Guess we’ll see how long it takes to find them.

Check out some flicks of the escapees in the gallery above!