Oh, brother. Don’t do drugs kids. You might find yourself in a jail cell trying to warn everyone around you that we’re in the midst of an alien invasion. James Bushart, a 44 year old meth head from Arkansas, was arrested after harassing a couple inside a Plymouth Prowler, claiming they were in a spaceship. Take a look at the “spaceship” for yourself after the jump!


Those drugs can really take a hold on you, can’t they Bushart? After following Jay Ward, the owner of the vehicle, and his girlfriend around town and harassing them yelling, “take this spaceship back to where they came from!” police were soon called. Bushart was arrested and police found some meth and a pipe on his person.

I guess that made things a little more understandable for the couple in the car. I mean, imagine just sitting in your car and someone running up to you and accusing you of being an alien?! And then following you around all day!? I’d be pretty freaked too.

Check out some pictures of the “spaceship” in the gallery above!