It seemed like a simple tweet, but it was definitely something more.  Yesterday LeBron James sent a tweet about his admiration of Lionel Messi’s World Cup assist, but fans knew exactly what he was doing — the tweet was also aimed at his critics.
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Via BleacherReport:

LeBron James has often been criticized for passing the ball late in games, but as Lionel Messi showed at the 2014 FIFA World Cup on Tuesday, passing can be the right decision.

James heard about Messi’s late-match pass and expressed his admiration for the superstar’s decision on Twitter:

IFWT_LeBron tweet

Critics don’t like it when superstars “run” from the big moment by passing, but sometimes, passing is the right move. As long as the teammate does his part, passing can lead to great results.

Messi’s pass showed the world what James already knew: Passing in the clutch can lead to a victory.