Lupe Fiasco

The lyrical rebel Lupe Fiasco has sat down with DJ Skee to think back to the hist controversial hit ‘Kick Push’. Fiasco revealed that he received a lot of criticism from the skateboard community after the song, while other Hip Hop artists like Lil Wayne, benefitted from their use of the Skate culture.

Adriela Batista

Fiasco stated that the song;

“[It] was never ‘posed to be a single, never meant to be a single. It was for a skate shop called Uprise for a skate DVD and then it just took a life of its own…But when you’re the first through the wall, you always get a little bloody. Then it paves the way for the Lil Wayne’s and the other people to kind of come in and capitalize on the culture even 10 times more than I did.’

Lupe also spoke on the criticism he received from the skateboarding community as well as renown professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk, after the hit became popular.

**check out the clip below**