Well it looks like there’s a happy ending for the waitress that Warren Sapp stiffed (pause) at a sports bar.  Yesterday a receipt went viral after Sapp left no tip on a $69 bill because the waitress called him a “boy.”  The waitress will face a punishment for her sister leaking the receipt, but she won’t be fired … and people are giving her donations for Sapp being a jerk.
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Via TMZ:

The waitress who got stiffed by Warren Sapp is getting PAID by strangers — who have called up the restaurant to donate almost $100 in “tips” to the server.

We spoke to the owner of the Upper Deck Ale and Sports Grille in Florida who tell us so far 2 people have called up to make sure Corey was “taken care of” after Warren laid a goose egg in the tip department after a 2-hour meal on Tuesday.

But get this … the owner tells TMZ Sports he has gone back and reviewed the surveillance tape from the infamous encounter … and says Corey’s service was “phenomenal” that day.

“[Corey and her associate] checked on his table 22 times.”

The owner tells us Corey will still face punishment for sending the photo of Sapp’s receipt to her sister (who later put it on Facebook) … but she will NOT be fired.

“We’re probably going to do a 1 week suspension.”