I must admit I never saw this coming and it’s still hard to watch. Former running back Brandon Jacobs, who was a beast on the field is now trying his hand at acting and wants to make a career of it. The project is called “The Grievance Group” — in which Jacobs plays the leader of a militant army trying to protect his community. He’s pretty bad ass … he yells at a bunch of people, fights a guy in army fatigues and (pretends) to fire an heavy duty machine gun.We spoke with the film’s directer Rob Hawk who tells us they started shooting the flick about 7 months ago in New Jersey — and he’s almost finished with production. Hawk says the movie will open in 20 theaters on the East Coast in September and hopes it expands from there. As for Brandon, we’re told he’s got a real interest in acting — and hopes this role can springboard his action career.